Friday, May 05, 2006

Domynoe's Mock Cover - The Assassin's Choice - Denyse Loeb

First - this young lady has worked VERY hard for her novel - which is the first in a Trilogy series.

Lots of detail and hard work. Not to mention - she's an artist.

The Woman in the picture ---- Denyse drew herself. I just cleaned up the outer edges and gave it some depth/transparency. So truly - She did the hard work - I just arranged it on a background. *G* is her website about this - but she has so many for awhile there, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to make it on. I made a few covers before I was happy with this one.

I think she'll like it!

Have a splendid day all - and yes - I've got more covers coming - but I'm low on time - so please know that they will be on the way fairly soon.

First Apologies - then I'll do a cover...

Sorry I've been neglecting Blogger for the past week.

The connection ISP went down for 2 full days and was intermittent for 3 - they figured out that the cable that goes to our house froze under the pond in our front yard area and when it would freeze, it would shut off the cable. LMAO! So we had weather dependent cable - TV signal was fine... but the internet part wouldn't work - or it would work for a few moments and then nada.

That and the next door neighbor has a big Dodge and ran over the box. So we were broadsided. I could get a comment in if I could get it up - but only for a few moments. Ugggh.

Then my sweet petunia broke her wrist in 2 places which made us run from doctor to doctor trying to figure out if we had to fly off island to get an Orthopedic Surgeon because it cracked up into the growth plate. About a grand worth of visits and a grand worth of X-rays, and they full length casted her yesterday. Wooohoo! She went with light blue - and her classmates have already decorated it with 4th grade scrawlings. LOL! In 3 weeks they'll make another thousand dollars worth of decisions on whether she'll need surgery but for now, we're in the clear of having to fly outta here. (sigh).

Now she's "Your Highness".

"Mom, could you scratch my nose?" "Mom, could you get me a glass of water?" "Mom, could you write my homework for me?" "Mom could you change the channel?" "Mom could you zip my pants?" Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom. *G*

Other than that the dog decided to go into shed mode.

This would be ok if we didn't have burgundy carpet - and she wasn't a light haired German Shepherd. We now have a beautiful light pink furry carpet that has to be cleaned 3 or 4 times a day from end to end. Part of me says - dog stays outside... the other part says she's part of the family and that's just life. LOL!

So - there - in a nutshell - ya have my life... Can we trade for a day? I'm sure your life is much more interesting.

Now on to Domy's cover. I think she'll like it. See ya on the next post.