Thursday, March 16, 2006

Blogrolling - Awesome New Toy - Don't Have It? GET IT!

Mr. Karl (My dream boy :P) turned me on. Yeah, that's right. He totally got me in the mood.

Sometimes you just have to let go - and say what the heck! So I did. And when it happened, it was an epiphany. Stars exploded before my eyes - fireworks blasted through the air - and all was right in the world.


Of course, I'm talking about Blogrolling.

It's a neat little tool that allows you to keep your list of favorite blogs on your side bar on your page... I think you can even take it with you in your own little browser window - but I haven't gotten that far yet. I'm still a virgin. Honest. A blog rolling virgin. Yep. I've made it to first and second base... rounding my way to third.

If you'll look on the right hand side of my page - it will have a list of websites that I visit. On that list it will even mark the ones that have been updated, have had comments posted to it and more.

Now... Unfortunately, it doesn't bring you breakfast in bed. And as Karl so politely told me, it doesn't make decadent Death By Chocolate Fudge Sundaes. But what it does do, is keep me in tune with who has posted recently and it lets me know when a new comment has been made. So it saves me time.

And as we all know - time is money.

It gives me more time to write - and it also makes me feel comfy with knowing how everyone is doing.

So - if you haven't BlogRolled yet - go try it out. You just go to their CONFUSING "looking" website. All you have to do is sign up for it. Spend a moment reading the concept - add a website that you want on your blog roll - set your preferences... and then there is a link that you can copy to your FAVORITES - so all you have to do when visiting a site - is put it in your blog roll by clicking on the link in your FAVORITES... And then you can add comments.

(Tanya will love that... LOL! She's got great comments on her web links... Don't tell her I told you... But if you just hover your mouse over a link on her site's side bar - she gives you a little idea of what she thinks of the linkers.)

It's free... and remember - it saves you time... especially if you really enjoy reading other people's sites - but don't want to just click on them to see if they've done any renovations or new posts.

When I find things that are somewhat cool - I like to share them.

I'll write some more tonight - but a shout out to Alexandra at Wry Writer for the birthday a few days ago...

A slap on the back to Miss Snark - who definetely has some thunder - I really don't care who she is... Or what she does... She gives a lot of us the desire, the strength, the answers and the inspiration to just keep doing what we need to be doing!

A high five to Jeff AGAIN - for writing a new short... One that will really touch writers who have not been supported in their pursuit by those they love... Or even if you just get that "VIBE" once in awhile from those that love you... That you're wasting your time.

The Knight Agency has some serious Q & A going on right now - so if you have a question about writing, get in there while you can - Diane Peterfreund is answering... And she's got some kick ass answers.

Gena is about ready to go on signing for her book - I hope she lets us know how it goes... Like will it be exciting? Will it be boring? Will it be snazzy? Or just a rotten table? I need the Gossip babe... LOL! Oh and if you get out to see here - bring her some real coffee.

Ladyt is doing a hella lot of reviews on Television shows that are top notch and she mentions Sookie Stackhouse - one of the best characters in a set of books I found to be charming - well written and hilarious!

That's it for the shout outs for now - I'll come write something interesting later... Maybe about Boogers... ROFLMAO! (Just kidding... put down the kleenex.)

Hugs to all of you! Go get Blog Roll - you'll love it once you figure it out!