Saturday, March 11, 2006

On the Fly and Ellipsis Queen...

What is on the fly?

Well... let me tell you.

It's writing and just writing with whatever is on your mind. No planning other than a basic idea. No character draw ups.

No real plot in mind other than A meets B. A falls in love with B. A and B live happily ever after.

Or... Saving the world, saving someone - helping out this organization, etc.

Just the basic idea.

The plot and characters develop as you write - the words create them. The mood makes them happen. The feelings become the story. The ideas flow and become real as you paint them on the canvas of the screen.

Each typed letter brings you closer to the end, even if you have no specific end in mind.

Some people need to plan their stories. Some people need to have creative free-flowing thought. Some people need to have structure to make their stories come alive.

Me - I like to let the story enter my body and take over. Nothing else matters but seeing where they end up. The writing is part of the journey to find out.

Like an exorcism of a spirit - the words bleed out onto the paper or the screen and allow the thoughts to explode into being.

Now... as far as the ellipsis thingie... I love them. They are a pause between thoughts, a carry on - like the sentence isn't finished... or a way to keep the idea going through several sentences.

I love them because they give pause where a real conversation would have it. They trail off like comets streaking across the sky, only to flare brilliantly again to show a pause of thought.

Yeah, like my thoughts are brilliant - ROFLMAO - uh huh. Sure thing.

Where's the white jacket that has all those pretty buckles in the back?