Monday, March 06, 2006

If you haven't checked out this blog - get your waterproof chair

Oh my goodness!

I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time.

Tonight I went a'blog hopping. You know - where you just start reading blogs that you may have seen somewhere or that were linked on someone else's site. And there were two out there tonight, that were extremely funny.

One was pretty rootin' tootin' funny.

I read a few posts and laughed at the similar style and feeling over all of another blogger. I was amused. I'll even give you the link:

It's a pretty decent read, too. Good flowing style, keeps your interest.

But... The KING of blogs that I read tonight... The one that made me grab my sides to make sure they weren't splitting - oh sheesh - it was so hilarious, I read through just about every single post on the site!

I think I just found GOD. Or the love of my life - as long as I didn't have to meet him!


Now, you truly have to be able to handle a swear word or two... or a million. And that "jaded" feeling is so alive - hopped up on caffeine and filled with fiendishness.

But the honest, just throw it in your face style is something my dreams are made from. I love extreme wit. I also love dark humor and sarcasm.

This blog DELIVERS!

You have to read it without reacting.

He says a lot of things you might not agree with, but then again you might. He has a temper tantrum about one of my faves on the web, Miss Snark - but if you overlook the writing - and really hear what he's saying - dere's some gems in dem dere blog fields.

There are a few spots that you have to look at with all the sarcasm and wit going on - that you just sit back and let it blow through your mind. Is he serious? Is he real? Is he really like that? It makes you want to dig deeper.

You see a lot of things when you're reading the blog. Someone who has become jaded. Someone obviously freaking smarter than me. Someone who can write like the dickens - including swear words and all sorts of things. Someone who isn't interested in helping --- yet... goodness gracious, turns around and helps out - probably without even knowing it.

My guess is that he's been burned one too many times in this industry. That's kinda sad - that the industry might really be like that. All of a sudden, people don't like you for who you are... but more "WHAT" you can do for them. Anyhow - plow through it.

I think it's a gem.

And I'm a nice person. Honest.

But sometimes in my head, I, too, have these little conversations with myself about this person (who is an idiot) or that person (who is a total arse). And those conversations with myself heat up to about the same steam level as the person who writes this blog I've linked to up there.

Dear gawd! If I had half the guts to talk like that in real life!

I don't. So I'm still the nice me... LOL!

Besides, I'd never want to hurt anyone's feelings. I'm kind of odd like that.

Anyhow - the arrogance, the charm, the wit... Holy Toledo! Just freaking amazing!

So click on the darn link already, would ya?

Lady M
PS. Alexandra - you better be having fun - we're missing you!