Saturday, March 18, 2006

Crime Dragon - Chapter 1

I'm still yanking this around. LOL! One word at a time. I just sit here and stare out my window as I type... Watching the snow fall - making the world look pristine and clean... And letting me get out of dog doody clean up for the day!!!! Yahoo!

This is the first chapter - you'll need to read the prologue to catch up - should be one post down. REMEMBER - this is ON THE FLY work. No editing - no fixing - just typing until I hit the publish post button. It's more fun that way. LOL!

OK - off we go - into the mindset of Lady M... Walk ye, carefully.

Chapter 1

The cars zipped by on the freeway, looking like ants from atop the bridge where Bob was perched. His wings shook off the rain as it drizzled down on top of him. He never understood why humans had to drive everywhere so quickly, but they all seemed in a rush to go in the same direction at once. His tail flicked back and forth like a cat.

Finally getting bored with looking like a gargoyle, he launched himself off the bridge and soared through the air. The wind lifting his wings and carrying him as he lazily rested in mid air.

No one would see him because it was dark, but Bob didn't like taking chances, so he avoided the urban housing. He went out over the countryside and settled at the base of Trenton Mountain.

He walked into his cave, upright, folding his wings against his back. He stood about seven feet tall. Almost human in form, if you didn't count the blue and green irridescent scales that covered his body. Or the wings that sprouted from his back. Or the long snout which ended in fangs. He had nimble fingers which could write and he could see better than any human ever could from long distances. But he still had a tail and could breathe fire.

Yet, sometimes he could go out at night in a trench coat and a hat, and most people would not notice him. Especially during Halloween.

Baxter thought he was funny. And Baxter was about his only communication with the world. Baxter hailed from a long line of stewards who had raised Bob through the centuries. Keeping him safe and protected. Bob didn't know the whole story yet, because no one had let him read the parchment scroll that had been passed down. But on his 800th birthday, they planned on celebrating and Baxter was actually going to let him read it.

Bob wasn't sure what was more interesting. The fact that he was going to turn eight hundred tomorrow, or the fact that he was going to finally find out what he was.

Baxter didn't care, just as long as he got to play with the Video games in the hidden cave.

Inside the cave were all the comforts of life. Comfortable furnishings that were large enough for Bob to be comfortable on. State of the art computers, televisions and communication devices.

For the last twenty five years, the cave had become more interesting. But it still didn't quench his thirst to find out about his past.

"So how was the traffic tonight?" Baxter asked in between taking a swig off a soda.

"It was great. Just like last night." Bob sighed as he grabbed his own soda, putting in a straw so he could drink it.

"Oh... don't be so hard on yourself." Baxter put the game on pause and looked up at the dragon.

"I'm just bored Bax. Bored. You know?" Bob shrugged. "I want to do something with my life. I want to go out and talk to people. I want to let them know I'm here."

"Not yet old man." Bax turned back to his game.

"Old man?" Bob snorted through his nostrils, plumes of smoke spiraling up.

"Yeah, well maybe you're not old enough, if you can't control that."

"I can control it," Bob said sullenly. "I just didn't want to."

"Yep. Sure thing, snake-boy."

"Oh, you're so lucky I promised your grandfather I wouldn't torch you."

"Keep talking Dinobreath."

"Give me a controller, I'm going to kick your ass." Bob reached for the controller that was on the ground.

"Like I said," Bax winked at him. "Keep talking Dinobreath."

They played amiably for a couple of hours and then it was time for the duo to crash.

"Hey Dude." Bax spoke when the lights were turned off and he was headed to his own chamber in the cave.

"Yeah?" Bob turned before slipping on top of his own Master bed set.

"Happy Birthday."

"Thanks, Dude," Bob lisped and pulled the flame proof blanket up to his chin.

I'll keep adding on to this later - gotta hit the hay - work in a few hours... Grrrr... Someday I want to just write for a living. You know? Make enough moeny to just write... BecauseI'm going to write anyway... it doesn't matter... Would be a dream come true if that's all I had to do in life, besides the family.

Ahhh well - I can dream, right? LOL!

Catchya laters. Dudes.