Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yep! It's official! I'm an idiot and now I'm on an idiot mission...


OK here's the scoop. On Anna Louise's journal I was asking a question... and in that question I tossed out a very made up example of a story that would use multiple genres ---- since the topic on her journal is about the importance of pinning down a genre (and a helluva a lot more.)

So this story I wrote to exemplify the question I had was ridiculously silly.

Well it's a story of a Dragon Egg that is teleported into the future where there is no magic. Yet, the Dragon that is born from the egg has magic. The Dragon befriends a human cop and helps the cop solve crimes (in the future) and the cop meets a lady... who the dragon uses a little bit of magic to make them fall in love.

It was an example of how a story could cross genres. OK yes - it was a really bad example... but whattya want? LMAO! I definetely didn't want to put out any of my own stories on her blog, as that would be rude...


Something started tickling the back of my mind. Tickle... Tickle... Tickle. What if... What if I could actually make that short little paragraph into a story?

Now as you all know by now - I do a lot of "on demand" stories. I do shorts and I do full lengths. I do a lot of "On the Fly" style writing. I love contests and anything that has competition in it. I do requests and I do all sorts of stuff.

In other words. I freaking write.

And I'll be darned if I couldn't think of a reason to NOT make myself write something that I had created - even if it was stupid. But to instead, turn that stupidity into something that was actually reader friendly and good.

So - Here I will sit typing this story up to share with you. Give me up to one full day to process this moment of idiocy.

*Blinking red Light* Idiot Mission *Blinking red Light*