Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Some days were just meant to be hung over...

Yeah one of those days.

I don't even know if my poor head can manage much more...

Scratching... Thinking... Pondering... Plotting...

And certainly no more wine. I'm so not a regular drinker. However, I will admit that last night it was a needed thing. At least the hubby thought so.

Good news - I didn't have a darn thing.

Bad news... My poor kid was infested.

Me - I was freaked out. Still am... Everything that goes bump makes me jump. But the kid - well she thought it was an adventure. Seriously, she was like, "way cool".

I'm thinking she's going to be a doctor. If she can handle this so well, she's got nerves of steel.

Still... I'm not sure if she was saying "way cool" about the critters - or about the way her mom freaked out.


Now that's too much pondering for my head.

Off with me to bed.

Savannah - woohoo - talk about YUMMY... So yummy that I can't even comment without uhm... well uhmmmmm.... yanno - right? LMAO!

Hot stuff girlie.

And Karl is rocking with the hilarity over at his site. Sheesh - I'm busting a gut and my head is pounding to the double beat of my laughter. You gotta see it to understand, but it's all about the potty. Oh yeah baby - get me excited. LMAO!

Alexandra had a birthday - woohoo! You go girl.

Jana Deleon has the cutest cover for her new sale. Remind me to fix her name over there on the link list - don't know why my fingers fumbled that one. I'm more excited about her cover than she is - it's way awesome! LOL!

And Jeff... Well he wrote a story about being a woman - and being an AVERAGE WOMAN... and let me tell you - it's quietly sweet, elegant, erotic and a darn good read.

Youse guys are wonderful writers - the whole lot of you. Each unique and extremely special.

There are more folks out there but with my head doing the "THUD THUD THUD" I just can't think clearly... Not that I ever did before.

Hugs to ya all!