Tuesday, March 21, 2006

OK now here's the Interactive part of the Story...

Get your latex gloves out folks...

I would like you to tell me what you think Bob's wish should be.

I have a few ideas of what I would like it to be - but I thought... hey - turn the story interactive.

I know where the story is heading... and a few differences might make it interesting.

So snap those gloves - dip your hands in and shout out your requests for "THE ONE WISH".

I'll be waiting.

My day on the blogs Reviewed:

On the by and by: Poetic Justice has closed down. I hope she keeps in contact.

Dana just Snarked Miss Snark - and Miss Snark LOVED it! Go read it... But put away the liquids first... And do put on your Depends. You'll need them.

Jeff has written a fab first chapter - this guy has some excellent skills of writing from a woman's point of view that it makes you appreciate his mother, his wife and all of the other ladies in his life!

Tanya at My Irrationalities put out the***CORRECTION*** (Tanya didn't write the review - she just put it up on her site so we could see the worst review in history - SORRY Tanya - We all know you'd never ever write something so horrid as that!!!!! You are far too kind, and a heckuva a lot better writer!) WORST Review ever made by a reviewer on Tess G. We're talking the reviewer needs to be saddled up to the shooting wall and wailed on with rubber bullets for a few hours. Whack that personality back into shape. Tanya has been putting out the snippets of Publisher's Lunch ---- and I'm so thankful that she does! Among asking some of the greatest questions around. Hurry up and go answer some of them - they're fun and inventive.

Alex has some grammar dos and don'ts... Boy did I catch some of my grave mistakes in there! But I have this compulsion to keep reading her ode to bras that hook in the front. Lordy Lordy Miss Alex. You give a gal something to laugh at! Go peek... but leave the bra hooked.

Savannah has Sariah in a back to back post - oh the girl is Sex-ay! If you don't know Sariah, then you don't know werewolves. So you better go get caught up on the whole erotica thing going on over there... This one will have you needing a towel... LOL! Hot mama!

Faith has some of her art work out. It's beautiful - go take a look. Nice stuff.

Trista has a cover coming out for her paranormal Vamp book - KUDOS! But she asks a decent question about ease of writing and changing from POV. If you've got a moment - go answer her.

A little unknown secret I have is going over to Lady T's website and catching up on all the reviews of stuff I couldn't see - because I work such weird hours... And she's a GREAT reviewer. So don't tell anyone... But do go visit. She does talk about Micah (LKH's new book) in her last post.

And my boy Karl - he keeps cracking me up... Without fail, I'm on the floor rolling with his columns and easy to read commentaries. Get ye there - or be square! Some off the wall stuff that you know you were thinking - although you'd never admit it! LOL! Go read the Superhero entry if you wanna roll on the floor a bit, holding your sides in.

Diana is taking folks on a memory stroll through some pictures - with a few added commentaries about the publishing industry - Great stuff Diana - LOVE the glacier walk one. If you don't know who Diana Peterfreund is, then you'd better take a moment and read about her. *g*

Kristen Painter has asked an interesting question about a Memorial issue - So go take a look... And think ROMANCE... Think everlasting... Or think plain old Yuck! No matter what you think... just take a moment to post it.

Gena has the Monday Beefcake - so worth going to visit - just to drool! Plus she tossed up some pics of herself with quite a few other ladies from the writing world. Take a gander... But the beefcake baby is MINE - hands off ---- eyeballs only. LOL!

Rene is asking for some vacation ideas - if you get a chance --- and have some great ideas - go on over and give her a shout. She's in need... Me - England would be fine. LOL! (WITHOUT THE KID and HUBBY... I wanna explore the crumbly castles... MY WAY... LOL!)

Bernita is writing more stories on Damie -- I think she's got a definite Kerouac touch to her writing... Almost screenplay material that is awesome to behold. So if you've been following Damie, or are just getting involved... Go check her out!

Agent Obscura has been running a "YOU BE THE AGENT" Quiz"lette". Go take part - BUT do not read previous answers. It's a very interesting experiment. I think you writers and bloggers will totally immerse yourselves in it and find it quite fascinating. Start here - don't read the other answers, or it will be no fun... But hold on to your hats, you're about to see what it's like to be an agent.

OK that's just a quick review on the stuff I read when I blog out.

Sweet dreams to all of you - and REMEMBER - you're all very good writers. Never stop believing that!

Lady M