Monday, March 27, 2006

Blogrolling With Lady M


I've had some fun on the blogs lately and I'm going to share it all with YOU!

You know you want to know what's going on - but sometimes you just don't have the time in between washing the dishes, getting the kids ready for school, folding laundry, working on your WIP and staring out the window - there just isn't enough time in the day, unless you're insomniac... Like me!

So I'll do the work for you... (Oh ok. Fine. It sounded at least a little interesting... LOL!)

The Crapometer has posted a couple of new stories lately - Elektra has started her own WIP and has more than 50 pages to it. Rock on Elektra, you can do it! Get over and read a few of the stories. Personally - I kinda liked Daemon Song...

Hint... One of the newly posted stories on the Crapometer is mine. It'll be easy to pick out - feel free to critique it.

Sela Carsen sold to Samhain Publishing and learned about it last night. I think everyone should go over there and give her a toast of congratulations! She's excited and well she should be - it's a dream come true for most of us! She's still in a sense of fog - so go easy on her.

Savannah Jordan, the hot hot hot hot hot writer blog buddy o'mine - just got an MP3 relacement for her broken one. No wonder Sariah was cutting guys to ribbons with her claws! So I've begged her to post her MP3 list, and I can't wait to see it! You truly should read through her blog - she's got some awesomely yummy stories in there that make you want to find the nearest love machine and be happily humming all day long! (Truly do not think what you're thinking... I can read you like a book! I'm thinking of The hubby - and humming while I clean the house... Yep siree Bob! I sure am... Uh huh... I have some parts of the London Bridge for sale... anyone interested?)

M G Tarquini - which rhymes with Martini, if you wanted to know - after running with the Bunions and creating a show of amazing talent - has now slumped into TAXville. If you have a moment, go share your commismerations with her.

Diana Peterfreund is doing something VEWWWWWWWY interesting. She's giving a select few writers the same plot issue - and having them all write a chapter or flash about it. It's a test to see if "it's all been done before" means that style and voice can't make the same thing quite a bit different. It's a very cool project - go take a peek. She's posted a couple of them.

Jana Deleon is one of the writers that Diana is experimenting with - so go read Diana's site where Jana's short of the plot issue is - and then hit up Jana for a word of praise. Jana is a neat lady - if you haven't already, take a moment to get to know her.

Karl - Karl - Karl - My man Karl... LMAO! - He's got another one of his column pieces out. So, is he for it? Or... is he against it? You better go read and decide for yourself. And Nope... No matter how many times you twist my arm, I'm not going to tell you what it is he is either for or against. *Ouch* fine... Alright I'll give you a hint. Human Hybrids. Go laugh over there, my arm hurts.

Mark Pettus - He is asking some interesting questions on his blog and getting great feedback. His latest in a series of 20 questions is about dealing with family - regarding your writing. Go post a comment. He'd like that. Also - check out his photo gallery - some pretty decent pics.
(Who said this: "Mark Pettus - AKA GREAT BUNS" ??? - whoever it was, was describing Mark's picture of the backside of him wearing Chaps and a Cowboy hat --- and yes he was wearing more than "just that" unfortunately --- that AKA GREAT BUNS surely hit it dead on! Sorry Mark... but hey... When ya got it - Flaunt it like J-Lo!)

Poetic Justice - Ann Marie - is putting up a new gallery. This awesome lady has some interesting art work. I think it's worthy of book covers, branding items, magazine ads and more - so if you're looking for some art - or just like to look at art - go check it out. Very interesting stuff.

Bernita Harris - This lady is awesome with a pen. Her wit is the quiet kind that steals into your brain and gets you thinking in a very slow, almost heated southern style way. She's put some great blog questions and thoughts out about writing - from erotica to dealing with the old things that you've put away and are just blowing the dust from them to peel back the front page... realizing that you've grown compared to your writing of long ago. Go stop by B's. She's a hoot in that quiet, calming, in your face way. And her comic sketches of hangars (dang, is it hangar or hanger? I've been around planes too much this week) . If you haven't been following them - They are simply amazing... I mean they're hysterical!

Gena Showalter - Beefcake Monday! The one thing that can make Monday's bearable! It's up and he's hawt! Gena is asking for folks on Myspace to Friend with her - so if you know folks - get 'em rolling in her direction.

Dorothy Thompson - Oh my word - I rolled over to her place and promptly fell outta da chair! She's got a dog - and that dog has her wrapped around his big toe. Oh boy - did I laugh. ***If you haven't gotten the New E-Book ---- WHICH IS FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!! ---- then you are totally missing out.*** It is about a group of authors who have gotten published and stories - by those authors, about what their lives were like and how it happened. Very good - and a nice read. Go sign up for it - it is emailed to you - and it's very simple... Worth every second of the download - PLUS some! Get it! Got it? Good!

Tanya - over at My Irrationalities - is keeping her readers on their toes with some play time. The new question game of the day is: "Guess the Book" just from the description and very little info. NO GOOGLING allowed! Go on... go see if you can guess which book they're talking about. Go on... I know you can do it!

Alexandra Wolfe - She did it!!! Hip hip hooray!!! She finished - Fin, Finis, Finale, The End! Oh yeah baby! I know that was a relief and a half! We had faith girlfriend - We all knew you could do it!

Anna Louise Genoese - She's posted her meme in photos - go check them out. You know I truly thought all editors were plush (Rolls Royce kind of plush) but she is a totally awesome, down to earth editor - and I'm truly glad to be reading her blog. She's informative, funny - wild, carefree but smart and analytical. If you haven't checked her out - now is the time! Besides - some day she's going to edit "Crime Dragon" for me... ROFLMAO - those of you who have been reading, know exactly what I'm talking about - it's all her fault that I'm on the fly writing about Bob. Just you wait - she'll die of laughter and write funny red things in the margins.... OF course, after she round files it.

Nadia - Agent Obscura is back from her Maryland Conference Jaunt and she's posted some hilarious memorable lines from meeting everyone - go howl in laughter and hope they weren't talking about you - or that those aren't your words... LOL! She's a very sweet agent from Firebrand. And she's been very Author oriented lately - so learn while you can!

Heather Dawn Harper - over at Heather's Blethers has a seriously hoot out and howl picture of a ZEN MOMENT.. Plus she tells about a conference - where she learned a secret. I think I kinda like that secret. Rock on Heather.

Jeff Neale put out a new Flash Fiction that will have you squirming for the invisible "creepazoid" factor... Kind of interesting that he posted this before the recent news broadcasts about the Pastor who was shot by his wife, for unknown reasons. Very interesting indeed. Jeff is pretty darn tuned into life - so go read it - and post a comment. Give the guy a high five for his hard work!

OK dokie - that's it for tonight... I'll come write some more about Bob - tomorrow... Hmmmm love first or Koala ears?


Sweet dreams to all!

Lady M
AUTHOR'S NOTE OF DISCLAIMER: Any and all mistakes about the blogs and their writers is mine own to claim. No blame shall be laid upon them - all those typos - BELONG to me. No one shall steal any misspelled words or grammatical errors - THEY ARE MINE --- mwaa ha ha ha!