Friday, March 31, 2006

Cover For Miss Snark

ROFLMAO! OK - I've gotten on a Kick... This one should tickle all of your funny bones.

If you would like me to joke up a cover for you - I'll be glad to - just pop me a comment - and let me know where your website is - that way I can take a look at it and think about how I feel - so that I can just go with the flow... LOL!

And to the witty Miss Snark - goes the dubious honors of a New Cover for a book she's never written... But some day ---- Might.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Crapometer Posting - Looking for Serious Feedback

If you have a brief moment, my one chapter part was put on the CRAPOMETER - I would like some feedback, because this is a story I would like to sell...

And I could use all of the feedback to make it better. Feedback on the site would be fine - because it would put it all in one spot.

Especially wanting to make it a better hook to grab an agent by the ankles and dangle it, like a yummy worm, enticing them to really get excited about it. LOL!

It starts like this: (I've linked the words below to the actual story)

First Chapter
He left the bodies there.

For Karl... I hope you enjoy this...

When I think of you writing - although your column is witty and hysterical... I sometimes see you as a dreamer - as someone who could write a novel like this. (But I will admit, I don't know your last name other than E. LOL!)

Karl - has his own column - so go visit!

If anyone else would like me to imagine a cover based on what I know of your writing from your blogs - just speak up - I enjoy doing this... I'm done for today - but they truly are exciting and fun to build!

Lady M

For Jeff... His Cover...

I couldn't help it - I had this image of your story in my head...

I know you haven't written it yet - but I can almost hear you typing it out. :P

For Jeff Neale - who IS going to be a Bestselling Author (and Yes -that is all one word for me!)

OK - so I got in the Mood to make another one...

Maybe I'll make one for everyone - LMAO! They're hella fun to make you guys.

So Bernita - this one is for you.

Again - These are just for fun... Kind of how I see you as an author - in an artistic way. I have no idea if you'll like it or not - but ----- it kept me amused - *G*

Same notice as below - Bernita Harris does not endorse this fake cover - I'm just doing it for fun and something to do... Maybe I'll do Karl next... Ooooh fun...

May I welcome you all to another Best Seller (at least in my muddled up head :P ):

Whispered Leaves
By Bernita Harris

Savannah's New Made Up Cover.

I got pretty bored when the ISP server went down. LMAO!

So... sometimes I get creative. I decided to play around with an idea for a cover of a book - and I just couldn't think of what I wanted to have on there... And Savannah's Sariah came to mind.

Now, granted - I'm not sure what Sariah is supposed to look like - or if Savannah's real name is Savannah Jordan... Or if she would ever consider naming a book such a thing... But never-the-less, I ambled on - laughing like a 2 year old the whole way through it.

I kinda like it. I have no idea what it will look like in the blog - so grin and bear it.


*But I thought she'd enjoy seeing what I was playing around with - since I couldn't get into her site to read this fantastic piece of erotica she just put up... LMAO!*

And without further ado...


By Savannah Jordan.

Hugs kiddo - it was hella fun making it.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

News on Justin - for those who want to know...

The Kodiak Daily Mirror


We're all still just hoping for the best. But sometimes it is nice to share with y'all the things that happen to those we care about.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Crime Dragon - Prologue / Chapters 1 - 3 Links

For easier reading - I'm going to post links that will pop open a new window for each of the chapters of CRIME DRAGON... The on-the-fly writing that is the total fault of Anna Louise of Tor.

Truly - it is all her fault. *G*

Crime Dragon Prologue

Crime Dragon - Chapter 1

Crime Dragon - Chapter 2

Crime Dragon - Chapter 3

Blogrolling With Lady M


I've had some fun on the blogs lately and I'm going to share it all with YOU!

You know you want to know what's going on - but sometimes you just don't have the time in between washing the dishes, getting the kids ready for school, folding laundry, working on your WIP and staring out the window - there just isn't enough time in the day, unless you're insomniac... Like me!

So I'll do the work for you... (Oh ok. Fine. It sounded at least a little interesting... LOL!)

The Crapometer has posted a couple of new stories lately - Elektra has started her own WIP and has more than 50 pages to it. Rock on Elektra, you can do it! Get over and read a few of the stories. Personally - I kinda liked Daemon Song...

Hint... One of the newly posted stories on the Crapometer is mine. It'll be easy to pick out - feel free to critique it.

Sela Carsen sold to Samhain Publishing and learned about it last night. I think everyone should go over there and give her a toast of congratulations! She's excited and well she should be - it's a dream come true for most of us! She's still in a sense of fog - so go easy on her.

Savannah Jordan, the hot hot hot hot hot writer blog buddy o'mine - just got an MP3 relacement for her broken one. No wonder Sariah was cutting guys to ribbons with her claws! So I've begged her to post her MP3 list, and I can't wait to see it! You truly should read through her blog - she's got some awesomely yummy stories in there that make you want to find the nearest love machine and be happily humming all day long! (Truly do not think what you're thinking... I can read you like a book! I'm thinking of The hubby - and humming while I clean the house... Yep siree Bob! I sure am... Uh huh... I have some parts of the London Bridge for sale... anyone interested?)

M G Tarquini - which rhymes with Martini, if you wanted to know - after running with the Bunions and creating a show of amazing talent - has now slumped into TAXville. If you have a moment, go share your commismerations with her.

Diana Peterfreund is doing something VEWWWWWWWY interesting. She's giving a select few writers the same plot issue - and having them all write a chapter or flash about it. It's a test to see if "it's all been done before" means that style and voice can't make the same thing quite a bit different. It's a very cool project - go take a peek. She's posted a couple of them.

Jana Deleon is one of the writers that Diana is experimenting with - so go read Diana's site where Jana's short of the plot issue is - and then hit up Jana for a word of praise. Jana is a neat lady - if you haven't already, take a moment to get to know her.

Karl - Karl - Karl - My man Karl... LMAO! - He's got another one of his column pieces out. So, is he for it? Or... is he against it? You better go read and decide for yourself. And Nope... No matter how many times you twist my arm, I'm not going to tell you what it is he is either for or against. *Ouch* fine... Alright I'll give you a hint. Human Hybrids. Go laugh over there, my arm hurts.

Mark Pettus - He is asking some interesting questions on his blog and getting great feedback. His latest in a series of 20 questions is about dealing with family - regarding your writing. Go post a comment. He'd like that. Also - check out his photo gallery - some pretty decent pics.
(Who said this: "Mark Pettus - AKA GREAT BUNS" ??? - whoever it was, was describing Mark's picture of the backside of him wearing Chaps and a Cowboy hat --- and yes he was wearing more than "just that" unfortunately --- that AKA GREAT BUNS surely hit it dead on! Sorry Mark... but hey... When ya got it - Flaunt it like J-Lo!)

Poetic Justice - Ann Marie - is putting up a new gallery. This awesome lady has some interesting art work. I think it's worthy of book covers, branding items, magazine ads and more - so if you're looking for some art - or just like to look at art - go check it out. Very interesting stuff.

Bernita Harris - This lady is awesome with a pen. Her wit is the quiet kind that steals into your brain and gets you thinking in a very slow, almost heated southern style way. She's put some great blog questions and thoughts out about writing - from erotica to dealing with the old things that you've put away and are just blowing the dust from them to peel back the front page... realizing that you've grown compared to your writing of long ago. Go stop by B's. She's a hoot in that quiet, calming, in your face way. And her comic sketches of hangars (dang, is it hangar or hanger? I've been around planes too much this week) . If you haven't been following them - They are simply amazing... I mean they're hysterical!

Gena Showalter - Beefcake Monday! The one thing that can make Monday's bearable! It's up and he's hawt! Gena is asking for folks on Myspace to Friend with her - so if you know folks - get 'em rolling in her direction.

Dorothy Thompson - Oh my word - I rolled over to her place and promptly fell outta da chair! She's got a dog - and that dog has her wrapped around his big toe. Oh boy - did I laugh. ***If you haven't gotten the New E-Book ---- WHICH IS FREE!!! FREE!!! FREE!!! ---- then you are totally missing out.*** It is about a group of authors who have gotten published and stories - by those authors, about what their lives were like and how it happened. Very good - and a nice read. Go sign up for it - it is emailed to you - and it's very simple... Worth every second of the download - PLUS some! Get it! Got it? Good!

Tanya - over at My Irrationalities - is keeping her readers on their toes with some play time. The new question game of the day is: "Guess the Book" just from the description and very little info. NO GOOGLING allowed! Go on... go see if you can guess which book they're talking about. Go on... I know you can do it!

Alexandra Wolfe - She did it!!! Hip hip hooray!!! She finished - Fin, Finis, Finale, The End! Oh yeah baby! I know that was a relief and a half! We had faith girlfriend - We all knew you could do it!

Anna Louise Genoese - She's posted her meme in photos - go check them out. You know I truly thought all editors were plush (Rolls Royce kind of plush) but she is a totally awesome, down to earth editor - and I'm truly glad to be reading her blog. She's informative, funny - wild, carefree but smart and analytical. If you haven't checked her out - now is the time! Besides - some day she's going to edit "Crime Dragon" for me... ROFLMAO - those of you who have been reading, know exactly what I'm talking about - it's all her fault that I'm on the fly writing about Bob. Just you wait - she'll die of laughter and write funny red things in the margins.... OF course, after she round files it.

Nadia - Agent Obscura is back from her Maryland Conference Jaunt and she's posted some hilarious memorable lines from meeting everyone - go howl in laughter and hope they weren't talking about you - or that those aren't your words... LOL! She's a very sweet agent from Firebrand. And she's been very Author oriented lately - so learn while you can!

Heather Dawn Harper - over at Heather's Blethers has a seriously hoot out and howl picture of a ZEN MOMENT.. Plus she tells about a conference - where she learned a secret. I think I kinda like that secret. Rock on Heather.

Jeff Neale put out a new Flash Fiction that will have you squirming for the invisible "creepazoid" factor... Kind of interesting that he posted this before the recent news broadcasts about the Pastor who was shot by his wife, for unknown reasons. Very interesting indeed. Jeff is pretty darn tuned into life - so go read it - and post a comment. Give the guy a high five for his hard work!

OK dokie - that's it for tonight... I'll come write some more about Bob - tomorrow... Hmmmm love first or Koala ears?


Sweet dreams to all!

Lady M
AUTHOR'S NOTE OF DISCLAIMER: Any and all mistakes about the blogs and their writers is mine own to claim. No blame shall be laid upon them - all those typos - BELONG to me. No one shall steal any misspelled words or grammatical errors - THEY ARE MINE --- mwaa ha ha ha!

To Justin - Dude, Am I Glad!

First I wanted to shout out to Justin Rodgers - one of the guys that works with me. He's out of Dillingham - and we're in Kodiak. Still, he's a part of our team and last week the plane he was flying crashed, and through amazing circumstances, he is still alive. Badly hurt - but alive I'm posting the story from (a patient/family website that lets the family post updated info).... We've been holding our breath for the last couple of days... Hoping he'd be fine - So without further ado - here's the story and the last update:

(Please ignore how the system typeset it.)

On Tuesday pm Justin was involved in an airplane accident while out trapping with his father out of Dillingham. Chuck spotted the crash, alerted search and rescue, several hours later Justin was recovered and sent to Providence for treatment. Lucky to be both alive and coherent, Justin was severely hypothermic and had sustained several major injuries which include but are not limited to the following:-many broken bones which include both ankles, tibia/fibula of right leg, hip/pelvic fractures of the right hip, cracked sternum, shoulder/clavicle/arm fractures of the left shoulder, left cheek/ocular bones of the face, and suspected cervial fracture to the neck.(The hip and shoulder remain dislocated at this time)- several moderate to severe lacerations over the body, as well as moderate to severe burns (2nd and 3rd degree).He arrived at Providence Wed. early morning and had surgery to repair some of the lower leg bone issues of the right leg on that same day. He will have surgery to begin the reparation of the right hip on Friday with possible shoulder/eye socket repair scheduled for Tuesday. These are the first of a very long series of reparative surgeries.Justin, although injured badly, is coherent and in good humor. Amazingly there seem to be no internal organ injuries and his cognitive faculties remain intact.They are keeping a close eye on him and his doctors are referring to him as a very, very strong and healthy man, and are amazed yet delighted with his condition and attitude.His wife Erika is here with him and is his rock, he is hers and they are holding firm together. Chuck and Jeanette are also present, as is his sister Jessica.Justin will remain in ICU until the end of the weekend, and only close family are able to visit him at this time, and this is limited as well. He will be at Providence for the next few weeks, but is currently in room 205 of ACCU for those who wish to send cards or notes. (He is not allowed to have flowers in the room at this time)However, we do have a visitation log book in the waiting area of the Adult Critical Care Unit for those who come to visit, and these encouraging notes are forwarded to Justin and he seems to truly appreciate them.Jessica is fielding most calls for the family at 398-8445.We would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support for Justin and his family. We are in awe and infinately thankful for the prayers and support. Words cannot describe our appreciation.Justin and his family also want to personally thank the rescue team and all medical professionals who have helped him. Without them, we wouldn't have him.

news updates26-Mar-06 02:12 PM - : Sunday early pm....Justin continues to do better and had another night of restful sleep last night. His swelling is decreased which makes him more comfortable.Nutrition is really important for the healing of Justin's burns and the burn specialist wants Justin to be consuming 3,000 calories/day. This can speed up the healing of the burns by approximately two weeks. This dietary requirement is not bad news for Justin because this means he gets to have as many banana-chocolate milkshakes as he wants. They are also putting additional protein in them to push it along.Justin continues to do everything that his doctors and nurses ask of him. He is still in pain but the staff is attending to this issue as best as is humanely possible. The swelling on his left eye is going down, too. He is now better able to open it and we suspect that there is visual improvement in that eye as of this morning. While not offical from the eye doctor, Justin does believe he was able to see Brett Gibbens through his left eye this morning.Justin will be remaining in Adult Critical Care Unit of Providence through the weekend. We'd heard that they were considering moving him out, but apparently the professionals thought better of it. Frankly, this makes us (his family) a little more relaxed as well. So, he will be staying put and will have a few recharge days before surgery on Tuesday.So, lets address Tuesday's surgery. Tuesday afternoon Justin is scheduled for surgery on his left shoulder to attempt repair to that area. Currently the upper left arm is broken into approximately four pieces, the clavicle and scapula are broken as well, and they anticipate significant cartilage damage will be found. There will be two highly skilled orthopedic surgeons addresing shoulder issues during this surgery. Additionally, the eye specialist will be placing a plate in behind the left eye to lift it from it's current position, rebuilding the eye socket itself. This will occur while Justin is under anesthesia and is only expected to take 20-30 minutes. ( Please be reminded that the eye area is not causing him significant discomfort.) Also, we hope that they will have time to address burn care issues while he is knocked out like they did last time.Again, Justin is being a real trooper (tee hee..) and we continue to be immensely proud of him and in awe of his attitude and courage. We thank you for all of your sentiment and support and would like to encourage you all to keep it up. Thanks for everything, you people are all beautiful to us.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Crime Dragon - Chapter 3 published FINALLY - how weird.

Blogspot is most definetely weird!

LMAO - Chapter three is three posts down...

Jeff - your idea came up. *G*. All of you - I will add your ideas in.... LMAO - even Alex's.

If anyone else has any requests, I'll put those in as well. LMAO!

Lady M

Test. Blogger Issues STILL?

OK guys - BOB will make his wish in either a few moments or in a day. I promise that as long as Blogspot lets me post, I will get it up. *grin -not that kind of up*.

I've been able to get in - but when it publishes, it dissolves into something like a million hour wait. And when I click back, it is gone.

Twice I've written it out. So this time, I'm going to get smart... LOL... I'm going to copy and paste to Word first - before sending to post.

See ya in a bit.
Crossing fingers... Clicking Publish Post...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Woohoooo! I WON...

Dudes and Dudettes - Check it out!

I won something from Slushpile - Yehaw!!

Thank you Scott, much appreciated. Y'all should visit this young man, as he deftly rounds up some excellent interviews, reviews and just over all commentary on the industry.

I'm already out there checking my mailbox... Is it here yet? :P

Crime Dragon - Chapter 3

Bob stood in front of the candles, the wish swirling in his mind. He wondered if he should silently say the wish to himself - or speak it out loud. He decided on speaking it, just in case.

He cleared his throat. Use the wish wisely, echoed through his thoughts.

"I wish that I had the magic of the world my mother spoke of so that I could better the world, to be able to shapechange and use magic at my discretion in spells that will never fade unless I want them to, without any limitations on the type of magic I choose to use, nor any limits to the powers - as long as it will serve to make the world a better place."

He stood there, waiting to see if he felt any different, but nothing appeared to have changed. He leaned down and blew a gentle puff of air through his nostrils to blow out the candles. They didn't extinguish. Had he gotten the wish correct? Did he need to do anything else?

The Knights came into the room, all of them smiling, including Baxter. Bob wondered how they had known he had made his wish.

"And the wish has been made, yes?" The oldest Knight asked as he shuffled over to look at the still lit candles.

"I think so." Bob looked at Bax and raised the scaled area above his eye, in an unmistakeable expression of utter confusion.

"And what did you wish for Dragon boy?" Bax winked at him. "A harem of women? An unlimited supply of video games? What? What?"

Bob studied the knights quietly for a moment. Then he shrugged his shoulders.

"I wished that I was magical."

The Knights of Splendor looked knowingly at each other and all nodded. Bob thought they looked like the Three Wisemen, scratching their beards and standing there.

Baxter's father, Raymond clapped his hands and the candles extinguished.

"You've done well, my dear boy. Very well." Raymond said.

"I've done what well?" Bob asked.

"You've chosen the right path, the one that was hoped for."

"Hoped for by who?" Bob searched the faces of the Knights of Splendor, trying to get some sort of idea of what exactly was going on.

"Ayuh. Hmmmph." Said the oldest Knight, pulling on his beard for emphasis.

"Ayuh, Hummph, WHAT?" Bob almost roared, hating to be kept in the dark about anything.

"Patience lad." The second oldest smiled warmly. "Patience is what you need. We'll tell you at our own pace. Remember we're old, unlike you."

"It's not that Bob isn't old - he's just stupid." Bax snickered loud enough for Bob to hear.

Bob tossed a crumbled up napkin from the table at him, which Bax deftly caught and threw back at him - hitting him right on the chest.

"Ahem." The oldest Knight cleared his throat.

"Watch out dude, he cleared his throat - always a sure sign that you're about to get bored to death." Baxter said in a quiet aside to the dragon.

The dragon resisted the urge to kick Bax lightly in the shins. It would have been fun to watch him double over, but this just wasn't the time.

"Bob, we've been your guardians since the day you were hatched. We have watched over you and have given you safety." He nodded at the other Knights and walked towards the living room to sit down. The rest of the crowd followed him and took their places around the circular built couch area.

"We were given this duty from the first set of Knights of Splendor, who got their orders from Lithay. The Knights guarded your egg until it hatched, passing down the responsibility with each generation until you were a dragling about 100 years ago." He waved his hand in the air for showmanship. "We watched you grow from a dragling, my brother and I being your caretakers from 60 years ago until I passed it solely to my brother, who in turn passed it to Thomas and then from Thomas to Baxter's father Raymond... and then to Baxter." He waved at each of the Knights as he mentioned them.

This part of the history Bob knew, but was always fascinated by it.

"So, in reality, Bob, you were hatched 100 years ago, but your egg took 700 years to develop."

Bob nodded again, showing he already knew that much. He was sitting on the edge of the couch, tensed and ready to hear more. The light glistened off of his scales.

"When we were given the responsibility for your safety, we were given a set amount of jewels and told how to invest them in our lives, so that there would be an abundance of wealth for all of those who had the duty to protect you."

Bob knew that they had oodles of money, all of them - and he had never wanted for much.

The oldest Knight pulled out a ledger from his robes. He opened it and placed it on the coffee table in front of Bob. He pointed a gnarled finger at the last line entry: 500,000,000.00 was listed. In dollars. Money. Dinero. Mooolah... Bob's eyes widened.

"That my dear child, was ten years ago. We've stopped adding it to this ledger and have instead started online banking. As is the way of the present and the future. All of these funds are in your name with the acting Knight on Duty as the executor in case anything should happen or if you needed assistance."

Bob looked at the round numbers and tried to imagine what he would even be able to purchase with that much money. It was staggering. And this was from 10 years ago? Wow.

"We also have taken care of our families quite comfortably."

"You very well deserved it," Bob managed past the dry lump in his throat. This was simply astounding and breath taking.

"We'd like to think so Bob. You've been nothing but a delight for all of us through the years. Watching you grow and learn and become a young adult in dragon years." He cleared his throat and took a sip of water that Baxter had brought him. "Now, to the wish issue."

Bob leaned forward and waited eagerly.

"When your mother passed down the order for the Knights of Splendor to take up your care, she also gave us direct orders... We were to never tell you until your 800th birthday of your past or your money, least it influence you. We were to not tell you about magic until this day, least you began thinking of your wish and became greedy, plotting it and planning it for years ahead of time."

Another sip of water had Bob ready to strangle him for want of faster output of information. He had to sit on his hands to make sure that he didn't jump up and down in a temper tantrum like a child. He was an adult now.

"Well, your mother advised us that you might wish for magic. We had hoped that this is so. However, we have no Mathinike to aid you."

"Mathinike?" Bob looked around quizically at the others who sat impassive and relaxed on the sofas. Did everyone know the story except him?

"A rooted tree that held magical properties that when combined with Dragon magic, created all of the magic in the world." Thomas spoke up from beside Bob. "The last of the Mathinike was used in transporting your egg to safety and in ensuring your safety for up to 800 years. The rest was destroyed by humans before then."

"Does that mean without Mathinike, whatever it is, that I will have no magic, if... if... if that is what I wished for?"

"That is not for us to say, Bob," Raymond answered. "We cannot begin to fathom the way magic now works, if it works at all. We can only read what has been passed down from Father to Son in the last 800 years. The Oracle that spoke to your mother, who forsaw the future, stated that you would be the greatest dragon ever and that you would rule in magic."

"He's the only dragon - Ever." Bax added.

"Shhh." Thomas elbowed him lightly.

"So let me get this straight.... Some oracle-future-fortune-teller told my mother that I would have magic and that I would be great. But without Mathinike, some unknown tree that no longer exists, magic is defunct?"

"Great. He thinks he's going to be great... That'll be the day, Scaley can't even beat me at Halo 2." Baxter snorted out and earned another jab from Thomas.

"That's about it. How the world will work, with your wish, is unknown to us and we have done our part. So that, my dear child, is all there is to tell you." The Eldest Knight stood up and stretched. "Now, let's have some cake."

Everyone stood up, leaving Bob alone on the couch. For a moment, he felt entirely alone in the room full of the Knights of Splendor. He felt left out - but then... the cake's enticing chocolate aroma lifted his spirits and he walked over to the table.

"Dude, need some ice-cream?" Bax asked as he headed towards the freezer.

"There's hardly any left after you ate it all, too bad it's not a never ending supply of ice cream." Bob answered. "Still, if you want some, help yourself. If there's a little left over, I'll take a little.

Bax opened the door and then stood there in open mouthed shock. "Whoa dude - I thought you said there was hardly any left."

"Yeah, you ate all the Rocky Road."

"Uhm... Maybe you better check this out." Baxter opened the freezer doors wide.

Lining the entire compartment were cannisters of ice cream. Bob stepped closer to take a look. Every flavor that he liked was there. Phish Food. Rocky Road, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry Cheesecake and others.

"Alright who filled this up for my birthday?" He looked around to the older Knights of Splendor while Baxter just stared at the Freezer, trying to decide which one would be right.

"I think," the eldest Knight stroked his beard with a twinkle in his eyes, "I think... yes, I do... that your wish has just begun." And he picked up a fork and placed a bite of decadent chocolate cake in his mouth. "Move aside Baxter, you fool, I want some of that Rocky Road."

Color Test from Emeraldcite's Blog - Whoa... Dude...

Talk about eerie...

Take it:

I took it from Emeraldcite's blog and I think it's worth going to visit.

Grab your Paxil before going.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bob's One Wish - Still looking for some interesting tidbits

I asked for the readers of Crime Dragon - a WIP on the Fly in the Blog to dazzle me with their input on what they think BOB should wish for - with his ONE wish.

(LMAO - sounds so professional for just blog ramblings.)

I've gotten:

Koala bear ears
Unlimited Ice Cream
Unlimited wishes

Anyone else have any suggestions?

No matter silly, wise, romantic or what not - I will try to include it in the story - even if it doesn't make it as the "ONE WISH".

So think away you... Give me something extravagant or simple - or wildly hilarious. I'll put it in somewhere... LMAO!

Lady M

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

OK now here's the Interactive part of the Story...

Get your latex gloves out folks...

I would like you to tell me what you think Bob's wish should be.

I have a few ideas of what I would like it to be - but I thought... hey - turn the story interactive.

I know where the story is heading... and a few differences might make it interesting.

So snap those gloves - dip your hands in and shout out your requests for "THE ONE WISH".

I'll be waiting.

My day on the blogs Reviewed:

On the by and by: Poetic Justice has closed down. I hope she keeps in contact.

Dana just Snarked Miss Snark - and Miss Snark LOVED it! Go read it... But put away the liquids first... And do put on your Depends. You'll need them.

Jeff has written a fab first chapter - this guy has some excellent skills of writing from a woman's point of view that it makes you appreciate his mother, his wife and all of the other ladies in his life!

Tanya at My Irrationalities put out the***CORRECTION*** (Tanya didn't write the review - she just put it up on her site so we could see the worst review in history - SORRY Tanya - We all know you'd never ever write something so horrid as that!!!!! You are far too kind, and a heckuva a lot better writer!) WORST Review ever made by a reviewer on Tess G. We're talking the reviewer needs to be saddled up to the shooting wall and wailed on with rubber bullets for a few hours. Whack that personality back into shape. Tanya has been putting out the snippets of Publisher's Lunch ---- and I'm so thankful that she does! Among asking some of the greatest questions around. Hurry up and go answer some of them - they're fun and inventive.

Alex has some grammar dos and don'ts... Boy did I catch some of my grave mistakes in there! But I have this compulsion to keep reading her ode to bras that hook in the front. Lordy Lordy Miss Alex. You give a gal something to laugh at! Go peek... but leave the bra hooked.

Savannah has Sariah in a back to back post - oh the girl is Sex-ay! If you don't know Sariah, then you don't know werewolves. So you better go get caught up on the whole erotica thing going on over there... This one will have you needing a towel... LOL! Hot mama!

Faith has some of her art work out. It's beautiful - go take a look. Nice stuff.

Trista has a cover coming out for her paranormal Vamp book - KUDOS! But she asks a decent question about ease of writing and changing from POV. If you've got a moment - go answer her.

A little unknown secret I have is going over to Lady T's website and catching up on all the reviews of stuff I couldn't see - because I work such weird hours... And she's a GREAT reviewer. So don't tell anyone... But do go visit. She does talk about Micah (LKH's new book) in her last post.

And my boy Karl - he keeps cracking me up... Without fail, I'm on the floor rolling with his columns and easy to read commentaries. Get ye there - or be square! Some off the wall stuff that you know you were thinking - although you'd never admit it! LOL! Go read the Superhero entry if you wanna roll on the floor a bit, holding your sides in.

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Gena has the Monday Beefcake - so worth going to visit - just to drool! Plus she tossed up some pics of herself with quite a few other ladies from the writing world. Take a gander... But the beefcake baby is MINE - hands off ---- eyeballs only. LOL!

Rene is asking for some vacation ideas - if you get a chance --- and have some great ideas - go on over and give her a shout. She's in need... Me - England would be fine. LOL! (WITHOUT THE KID and HUBBY... I wanna explore the crumbly castles... MY WAY... LOL!)

Bernita is writing more stories on Damie -- I think she's got a definite Kerouac touch to her writing... Almost screenplay material that is awesome to behold. So if you've been following Damie, or are just getting involved... Go check her out!

Agent Obscura has been running a "YOU BE THE AGENT" Quiz"lette". Go take part - BUT do not read previous answers. It's a very interesting experiment. I think you writers and bloggers will totally immerse yourselves in it and find it quite fascinating. Start here - don't read the other answers, or it will be no fun... But hold on to your hats, you're about to see what it's like to be an agent.

OK that's just a quick review on the stuff I read when I blog out.

Sweet dreams to all of you - and REMEMBER - you're all very good writers. Never stop believing that!

Lady M

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VERY FIRST Rejection Response - Should I be totally Happy?

I just got this rejection for a partial that was requested, from an agent, whom I hold in high esteem.

Now, keep in mind... I have seriously queried only one agent.

(My very first, and only other query was a blundering mistake that I wish I could sweep under the carpet and forget about - so we shall just pretend it never happened.... LOL!)

Some of you have had rejections before. Is this a canned response... OR - is this a response that should give me hope?

Any and all answers will be read.


*Me, I'm trying very hard to believe that this means - "yah dahlin' you're writing was good - just not something I can work with, with who I know... but hurry up and get it to another agent, because I think they might like it" *

And drum roll puhlease....

After a careful reading, I'm sorry to say that I don't believe I am the right agent for you.

You deserve an enthusiastic representative, so I recommend that you pursue other agents. After all, it just takes one "yes" and with so many different opinions out there, you could easily find the right match.

Well? Anyone?


Crime Dragon - Chapter 2

Ayuh - still writing - just got in from work, got the kid trying to break her piggy bank... I told her no, so she decided to get a toothpick to get all the quarters out through the slot - I suppose it's a creative way to follow my directions... LMAO - it's keeping her busy, so no complaints from me - I'll just put them all back in the piggy bank when she falls asleep.

Chapter 2

The Knights of Splendor stood around Bob's table. The Knights were made up of a trio of old men with white hairs and beards, Baxter and his father. The older men were Baxter's grandfather and two great uncles. All of them stood solemnly staring at the cake with the unlit candles. Eight of them. Each one signifying a hundred years.

Bob wondered why they hadn't lit the candles and was about to snort them into little flames when the eldest of the geriatric trio spoke.

"When we light these candles Bob, everything will be revealed to you - and our job of watching over you... Of our families watching over you, will be done."

Bob's heart beat fast in his scaled chest. What? Done? No more stewards from the Knights? Wait a minute.

"And when we give you the scroll, we ask that you take your time reading it and allow us to say our goodbyes." The old man continued.

"Wait a minute. What do you mean goodbyes?" Bob looked at them in disbelief. His dragon snout quivering in worry.

The old man sighed and looked at the others for confirmation. They nodded and he continued.

"Our job was to guarantee your safety until your 800th birthday. We have done what was asked of us. You must now become an adult on your own. You must choose your own path and we cannot interfere."

Panic settled into Bob's chest. What would he do without the only human contact he had been allowed? What would happen to him? Where would he go?

"What about Baxter?" His panicked eyes sought out each of the smiling Knights.

The middle old man stepped forward with a military precision and spoke. "Baxter may choose to stay or go. The Knights of Splendor will officially be over once your history is revealed." The second Great Uncle bowed his head, having spoken.

This meeting was so formal compared to all the previous meetings and especially compared to a birthday party. This felt like judge and jury instead of family. His blood raced through him as he began to feel insecurities weigh down on him. Icy tingles walked up his spine as he wondered what he would do without the Knights.

Bob risked a glance at Baxter who had his head bowed like the rest of the Knights of Splendor.

"What will happen to you all?" He asked quietly.

The last old man stepped closer to the table.

"We will all go back to our families and spend the rest of our lives, knowing we have done all that we could do to save you, like all of our forefathers before us." The third Great Uncle bowed his head and did not speak any further.

"What will I do without you all to take care of me?" Tears welled up in Bob's golden eyes.

"You will be fine Mr. Scaley," Bax spoke up, much to his great uncle's consternation. He quickly cleared his throat and bowed his head solmenly before anyone reached out and smacked him on the back of his head.

With nothing left to do, Bob reached for the cannister holding the scroll. For a moment, the world tunneled in on him but he forced himself to stand proud. His fingers hovered for a moment above the golden case. He steeled himself and touched it.

The moment his fingers touched the cannister, the candles on his birthday cake flared to life. Involuntarily his fingers closed around the cannister at the bizarre lighting. Surprised he clutched the cannister to his chest and looked at the candles curiously.

"What kind of trick is this, you guys?" He looked over at the Knights.

Baxter's father walked over to Bob.

"It is done my child." He patted Bob on the shoulder in a grandfatherly fashion. "Read and then make a wish and blow out the candles... They will stay lit until you have made your wish."

"I do hope he hurries," the middle uncle said. "I've been dying to try Elvira's chocolate cake."

"Oh do be quiet Thomas," The Eldest chided.

Bob stared down at the cannister in his hands and then back to the cake with the candles. He supposed it was now or never. He stalked over to a comfortable chair and held his breath for a moment. 800 years he had waited for this - and now, losing the Knights would be his reward. Some damn fine reward that was. He untied the crumbling leather lacings with reverence.

The Elder Knights and Baxter's father all quietly left the main room and stood outside the cavern, sipping mugs of tea or taking quick snatches from flasks. They had patience. And they would wait until his wish was taken.

Baxter looked back with a smile at his friend and charge for the last twenty years. He walked outside with the rest and stretched in the warm sunlight.

Bob barely noticed them leaving. His eyes focused on the intricate carvings on the gold. Detailed pictures of dragons. Like him. He'd only seen them online when he'd tried to find someone like himself out in the world. But no one had answered and the only other dragons he had found were fantasy creatures... myths... pieces of imagination. Where he was true flesh and blood dragon.

He slid the leather casing completely away from the golden tube. He carefully looked at the tube and then glanced at the candles. They were still burning and didn't appear to be losing any height, so he assumed that there was something special about them, but that would warrant a closer look when he was finished with this tube in front of him.

What's done is done, he thought and pulled the cannister open. He held it up to slide the leather parchment out. Eight perfectly cut 10 carat diamonds and two large blue sapphires fell into his hand as well. Bob carefully slid the jewels back into the cannister and closed it, placing it beside him in the chair.

He unfolded the parchment with reverence, afraid to tear it or damage it. He closed his eyes before it was completely open and held his breath for just one more moment. This was it. This was what he had waited all of his life for.

He opened his eyes and looked.

The words were scrawled in an elegant script.

To my Dearest child:
I am Lithay, the last female of the Splendor Dragons. The last dragon race of all. We were once a bountiful race, frolicking beside humans and working together.
But greed overtook those who hold such a short life
and those that fell into greed committed great crimes against the Dragons.
They destroyed the last of the magic in the world -
wanting no other force to be greater than they.
Not all humans are of this kind. Most humans are good, decent and of honor.
They are worthy of your love, your respect and of your protection.
But those that are not, have decided to destroy all dragons, for all time.
They come for me now, when you are just hatched and I must protect you.
I spoke with the Oracle Divine.
She advised me to send you to the future so that you may live a life free
of this hatred and menace and that you may continue on, where I leave off -
but in the future, where you may have a better chance of doing so.
I have entrusted your care to the Knights of Splendor -
they will take care of you through time.
I have left them instructions on how to find you in the future
and how to care for you until you reach your adulthood.
Toliver has written these instructions and I am sure that they will be followed.
My child of love I come to you on your 800th birthday to welcome you
into your adulthood.
Your very beginings were made from love and you will continue to be surrounded by love.
You are the last of your kind.
You hold the key to the survival of Dragons forever and
I believe in the Oracle when she says that you will be the greatest of all Dragons.
She says that you will overcome great obstacles and be an asset to the world.
I am already swelling with pride, my child.
With your 800th birthday, you will be given a wish.
One of magic.
Real magic, my son.
One where anything you wish for can happen.
Use this wish wisely to guarantee your safety and happiness.
Would I that I could be with you and watch you learn
how to talk and how to run and fly.
I will always be with you in spirit.
The Knights will be free to go and are no
longer to be servants for you as of this point on.
But treat them well, for they have been
everything to you that I could not be.
They are magnificent men and have
risked life and limb throughout history
to make sure you reached your 800th birthday.
A birthday marked by magic and splendor.
They are to leave you 10 gems so that you can live comfortably.
They have been paid and have been
instructed on how to make money grow in your world time,
so they should have amassed a fortune for you by now.
Be sure to reward them generously.
My son, I may be far away from you,
but you will always be in my heart of hearts.
Know that Toliver loves you as well.
Please ask the Knights someday soon for the stories
they have had to keep to themselves until now.
Make your wish son - and remember I love you.
Dragon Splendor Queen of Trenton - Your loving mother

Bob reached up to wipe the tears from his cheeks as he held the parchment closer. It crumbled into dust against his chest. He did not cry more tears for this, since as he read, he had committed it to memory.

Each loving stroke.

He glanced over at the candles and closed his eyes for a moment. He stood up and walked over to the table.

His wish was held firmly in his mind as he blew out the candles.


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Crime Dragon - Chapter 1

I'm still yanking this around. LOL! One word at a time. I just sit here and stare out my window as I type... Watching the snow fall - making the world look pristine and clean... And letting me get out of dog doody clean up for the day!!!! Yahoo!

This is the first chapter - you'll need to read the prologue to catch up - should be one post down. REMEMBER - this is ON THE FLY work. No editing - no fixing - just typing until I hit the publish post button. It's more fun that way. LOL!

OK - off we go - into the mindset of Lady M... Walk ye, carefully.

Chapter 1

The cars zipped by on the freeway, looking like ants from atop the bridge where Bob was perched. His wings shook off the rain as it drizzled down on top of him. He never understood why humans had to drive everywhere so quickly, but they all seemed in a rush to go in the same direction at once. His tail flicked back and forth like a cat.

Finally getting bored with looking like a gargoyle, he launched himself off the bridge and soared through the air. The wind lifting his wings and carrying him as he lazily rested in mid air.

No one would see him because it was dark, but Bob didn't like taking chances, so he avoided the urban housing. He went out over the countryside and settled at the base of Trenton Mountain.

He walked into his cave, upright, folding his wings against his back. He stood about seven feet tall. Almost human in form, if you didn't count the blue and green irridescent scales that covered his body. Or the wings that sprouted from his back. Or the long snout which ended in fangs. He had nimble fingers which could write and he could see better than any human ever could from long distances. But he still had a tail and could breathe fire.

Yet, sometimes he could go out at night in a trench coat and a hat, and most people would not notice him. Especially during Halloween.

Baxter thought he was funny. And Baxter was about his only communication with the world. Baxter hailed from a long line of stewards who had raised Bob through the centuries. Keeping him safe and protected. Bob didn't know the whole story yet, because no one had let him read the parchment scroll that had been passed down. But on his 800th birthday, they planned on celebrating and Baxter was actually going to let him read it.

Bob wasn't sure what was more interesting. The fact that he was going to turn eight hundred tomorrow, or the fact that he was going to finally find out what he was.

Baxter didn't care, just as long as he got to play with the Video games in the hidden cave.

Inside the cave were all the comforts of life. Comfortable furnishings that were large enough for Bob to be comfortable on. State of the art computers, televisions and communication devices.

For the last twenty five years, the cave had become more interesting. But it still didn't quench his thirst to find out about his past.

"So how was the traffic tonight?" Baxter asked in between taking a swig off a soda.

"It was great. Just like last night." Bob sighed as he grabbed his own soda, putting in a straw so he could drink it.

"Oh... don't be so hard on yourself." Baxter put the game on pause and looked up at the dragon.

"I'm just bored Bax. Bored. You know?" Bob shrugged. "I want to do something with my life. I want to go out and talk to people. I want to let them know I'm here."

"Not yet old man." Bax turned back to his game.

"Old man?" Bob snorted through his nostrils, plumes of smoke spiraling up.

"Yeah, well maybe you're not old enough, if you can't control that."

"I can control it," Bob said sullenly. "I just didn't want to."

"Yep. Sure thing, snake-boy."

"Oh, you're so lucky I promised your grandfather I wouldn't torch you."

"Keep talking Dinobreath."

"Give me a controller, I'm going to kick your ass." Bob reached for the controller that was on the ground.

"Like I said," Bax winked at him. "Keep talking Dinobreath."

They played amiably for a couple of hours and then it was time for the duo to crash.

"Hey Dude." Bax spoke when the lights were turned off and he was headed to his own chamber in the cave.

"Yeah?" Bob turned before slipping on top of his own Master bed set.

"Happy Birthday."

"Thanks, Dude," Bob lisped and pulled the flame proof blanket up to his chin.

I'll keep adding on to this later - gotta hit the hay - work in a few hours... Grrrr... Someday I want to just write for a living. You know? Make enough moeny to just write... BecauseI'm going to write anyway... it doesn't matter... Would be a dream come true if that's all I had to do in life, besides the family.

Ahhh well - I can dream, right? LOL!

Catchya laters. Dudes.

Crime Dragon - Prologue *and why it was written*

On the Fly for Anna Louise - in a roundabout way because she said it couldn't work... I almost agreed with her until I realized that I am a writer.

I can make just about ANYTHING work. That's what I do. I mesh things together... I pull the imaginary out of thin air and create the images for the readers to take my imagination and make it, for a brief period of time... their own. They have the empty canvass, and I fill it full of paints - the readers sharpen the focus, or add to the color hues - but I give them the paint.

LMAO! On the fly means just typing - no editing - no looking back to see if it's working until you hit that publish post button.

No pre-making it up... Just letting the words and thoughts flow from your fingertips.


The human stood beside his mistress. He ran his roughened hands across her scales as she strained to birth the egg that would carry on her species.

"Toliver, please." She snorted out of her steaming nostrils, her reptilian tounge lisped the words as she pushed harder.

"They come, Lithay." He stood in sorrow before her, his head hung and defeated.

"How... Much... Time?" The great dragon paused, her eyes sealed shut against the strain.

"They've already killed your peasants in the village and are burning their way up the mountainside."

"Idiots." She hissed as a contraction took over. "I will have to do this faster then. We cannot let them have this egg."

"Yes Lithay."

He went to look outside the cavernous dwelling. Smoke covered the sky, the villages lay in ruins, burning. He could see the line of D'Angels Crusaders at the bottom of the mountain. He estimated they could be here in less than two hours if they pushed themselves.

He turned back to look at Lithay in all of her glory. The ruler of their lands for many centuries. She had been kind, loving and giving. She had protected her people and they in turn had provided her with sheep and respect. She had been a better ruler than most kings and had been generous without fault.

Now D'Angel wanted the lands. He had waited until she was weak in the last moments of gestation - then he had injured her. An arrow had felled her from the sky a few days ago, she had flown, injured back to her caves to give birth to her heir egg.

Lithay was the last of her kind. Dragons of Splendor had been exterminated as the greedy kings had chosen to wage war to steal lands. As the last of the dragon species, they had been the most beautiful - blue and irredescent green scales with lovely golden eyes. Toliver had faithfully tended her for the last century, but even her magic could not sustain him much longer, he was growing older as humans did.

Toliver stroked his beard and thought about what he would say to Lithay, who knew she was in mortal danger - no matter how immortal her species were supposed to be. Her magic was waning with her injury and the imminent birthing of the last egg.

"Toliver, shut up. I know it is bad. Pull out the herbs of the cabinet. Get them ready for my Death Wish." She ordered him as she gave one last push and the gleaming egg landed in the soft bed of hay. She immediately curled around it, bathing it with her soft tounge. Whispering to it all of her dreams and wishes.

Toliver turned to the cabinets and pulled down spices and a few containers. He poured something viscous and yellow into a stone bowl. Stirring with a silver rod, he poured the spices and tossed in a piece of Mathinike bark. The tree that held the magic of the lands in it. With the Dragons, the Mathinike bark were the only pieces of magic When the trees were gone and the dragons gone, there would be no more magic. Toliver's heart became heavy.

He looked at his mistress who was busy mothering the egg. She was the last of the Dragons. He held another sliver of Mathinike bark and put it into the mixture. He reached into the cabinet and pulled the last piece of Mathinike bark and put all of it into the bowl. If she was going to die, and she was ready for it, he wanted all of the magic left in the world to go into her wish.

He would do as she asked. No matter the cost to herself, Lithay had always ruled evenly and had always held firm. She had protected until she could no longer protect even herself.

"Toliver, do not look so sad. This was written about in the Oracle's words. I have known what was to pass and this is only another moment in time. Do not be afraid."

He looked up from his stirring to see her watching him, her golden eyes glowing in the dampening light.

"I'm not sad Lithay. Not for the people who have died below. I am sad for the loss of Dragons for the world."

"Ah. Toliver, I will not die in vain. This I promise." Her tail curled protectively around the egg that looked like blue veined marble. "Is the mixture ready?"

"It is Mistress. I have given all the Mathinike to it."

"All?" She almost roared.

"Yes, all."

"Toliver you understand I will not have enough Mathinike to transport you then?" She cast a worried look in his direction. "If you leave it out next to me, I will be able to use it and you can escape now."

"I will stay with you Mistress." He bowed his head in respect. He loved her and would die with her, if that was their fate. He looked at the trickle of blood that drained from where the arrow had pierced her. They had been unable to staunch the flow and it would only be a matter of time before her life force gave out.
Have child interrupting - nit picking time -- whoooohooooo....

Will finish in a moment.

She nodded her head and looked at the old man. "Why have you never married Toliver?"

"Because you are the only thing worth loving Mistress." He said with his head still bowed.

"I thought as much. Well, what's done is done." She sighed. "How much longer?"

Toliver walked back to the opening. The small army was more than half way up the hill.

"Not much longer, Lithay."

"Come here." She ordered him.

He walked towards her and she enveloped him in her wings. She whispered in his ear and tears streamed down his face. He nodded and gathered the bowl and placed it in front of her.

"Toliver, my love for you is true. I will make this happen. You will help me care for my child and it will be as the Oracle divines." She looked at him, as he stroked her graceful neck. Her warm breath caressed his face.

Toliver could not speak past the lump in his throat. The divinity of his love had set her sacrifice and he would see it through. He would stand beside her and strengthen her as history played out. He would be there.

Lithay took the tip of her tail and dipped it into the mixture in the bowl. She touched the tip to Toliver's forehead and then to his heart. She dipped her tail again into the mixture and touched it to the egg, spreading the concoction around in a circular pattern. Her breathing becoming more and more ragged.

"Write it down Toliver, now." She demanded.

He raced to the table and put quill to paper, dipping it in ink every now and then. When he finished he glanced at Lithay, she was starting to wilt, the irridescence in her scales starting to dull. He hurriedly brushed sand across the paper to dry the ink.

"He will come soon - you will have about three minutes to tell him to take that scroll and then come to me." She whispered.

Toliver nodded and waited, the scroll sealed in a golden tube that also contained fifty gems of brilliant color and then placed inside a leather pack.

He could hear someone running towards the cavern. He stood his ground, believing in what the dragon had told him. A young boy, no more than fifteen came panting into the cavern, his clothes torn and his body blodied.

"Your Majesty!" He yelled, slumping to his knees on the floor.

"She is almost gone, young boy." Toliver said quietly.

"All is lost, " the young man looked at Toliver. "All is lost then. There is no hope."

"There is hope, if you but take this and run. Keep this with you and your family and pass it down through the centuries."

The lad looked at the old man as if he had gone crazy, but held out his hand.

"Is this what my Majesty commands?" He asked solemnly.

"It is as I command," Came the gasping reply from the dragon.

The boy bowed his head and took the tube, "Then it shall be." He knelt in front of the great dragon and lowered his head to her front claws, kissing them. The young boy stood up and ran from the cavern, carrying the leather pack.

The dragon's eyes smiled.

"It is time Toliver, come to me."

"Will he make it Lithay? Will all be well?" He asked as he strode towards his mistress.

"He will more than make it and his family and all the families that pass down, will do well and they will take care of my child when the time comes. It is as the Oracle said."

"I love you Lithay, and I believe you." He wrapped his tired arms around her neck and she nuzzled him and pulled the egg closer to them with her tail.

"And I you, Toliver." She rubbed her scaled cheek against him.

They both started chanting. The words mixing into a song. When she would falter, his voice carried louder, when she continued, he listened.

They waited until the sounds of the angry mob army was outside of the cavern and both of them continued chanting.

The egg shimmered and then dissappeared.

"It is done Toliver," She sighed, a smile lightened her eyes for a moment. "I thank you for giving my child a chance and for loving me."

"I live but to be there for you, Mistress."

He held her close until her last breath came and he held on to her even after the army came into the cavern.

"Where be the dragon of might and fear?" Mocked the Captain as he beheld the lifeless body of the dragon held on to by the old man.

"She has gone." Toliver answered simply.

"Aye, that she has." He sighted on the old man with his arrow. He pulled back on the string and let the arrow fly.

It flew straight into the heart of the man who loved Lithay, piercing him from behind. He died without a words, without the death throes the Captain had expected, even looked forward to.

He died with his arms still around his precious dragon's neck - he died with a smile on his face.

"And now, you too, are dead." The Captain mumbled, angry that there had been no more fanfare than what could have been had shooting at mice.

The army looted the cavern, finding treasure and precious items. But the one thing they did not find, was the egg.


Chapter 1

Yep! It's official! I'm an idiot and now I'm on an idiot mission...


OK here's the scoop. On Anna Louise's journal I was asking a question... and in that question I tossed out a very made up example of a story that would use multiple genres ---- since the topic on her journal is about the importance of pinning down a genre (and a helluva a lot more.)

So this story I wrote to exemplify the question I had was ridiculously silly.

Well it's a story of a Dragon Egg that is teleported into the future where there is no magic. Yet, the Dragon that is born from the egg has magic. The Dragon befriends a human cop and helps the cop solve crimes (in the future) and the cop meets a lady... who the dragon uses a little bit of magic to make them fall in love.

It was an example of how a story could cross genres. OK yes - it was a really bad example... but whattya want? LMAO! I definetely didn't want to put out any of my own stories on her blog, as that would be rude...


Something started tickling the back of my mind. Tickle... Tickle... Tickle. What if... What if I could actually make that short little paragraph into a story?

Now as you all know by now - I do a lot of "on demand" stories. I do shorts and I do full lengths. I do a lot of "On the Fly" style writing. I love contests and anything that has competition in it. I do requests and I do all sorts of stuff.

In other words. I freaking write.

And I'll be darned if I couldn't think of a reason to NOT make myself write something that I had created - even if it was stupid. But to instead, turn that stupidity into something that was actually reader friendly and good.

So - Here I will sit typing this story up to share with you. Give me up to one full day to process this moment of idiocy.

*Blinking red Light* Idiot Mission *Blinking red Light*

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Alaska isn't Antartica

Fine. I'll write about Alaska, twist my arm.

First, empty your mind of the images of frozen wasteland and penguins. Dismiss the blowing snow and igloos. Allow the preconceived notions of ice and mushing dogs to slide away.

Second you need to stop believing maps. Alaska is NOT below California on the left. It is not directly below Hawaii, either. Geographically, Alaska is on the left side of Canada. Got it?

OK now that we've got that in your mind, there are a few facts that I need to tell you:

Yes - we communicate with telephones, computers, email and regular snail mail. We have FedEx, UPS and all sorts of interesting things. We don't live in igloos. In fact I don't even think the native tribes still know how to build one.

No... I don't dogsled to work.

In pictures, I can tell you some things:

Anchorage - is a normal city. It has tall buildings, traffic and a bunch of crime - but it's also a helluva a lot of fun. Chilkoot's is the place to go if you want to go out - just watch out for the sawdust on the floor - and the bouncers. Malls, stores, car dealerships, bums... Just like any other downtown USA... And probably any other downtown around the world.

Now then, there are the outdoors. I have never seen such lovely places as there are in Alaska. Green, lush - almost tropical in the summer... Maybe not the same temperatures - but almost tropical... Or perhaps the word I am looking for is Rain Forrest.

Of course, there are lovely Aurora Borealis light shows every few days or weeks Wonderful light shows in the skies. They happen late fall and early winter - since there is a lot of sunlight in the summer and less sunlight in the winter. We have days when there are only 4 - 5 hours of sunlight during the day in winter. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

The dogs run in the summer and in the winter - and not everyone owns a set of them... And not every dog is a mushing dog --- Some people own pomeranians or poodles or dalmations... And they would never tie them up in a line. Lots of black labs... German Shepherds, etc. And kitties and birds and snakes... whatever your favorite pet is - a lot of the folks here have it.

To be honest - I only have to walk a block to see a view like this. Or drive a few miles to walk across trails. I'm not an avid outdoors freak - but I love seeing it from my own windows. This particular picture is from Afognak Island. Not too far from where I live. This picture was probably taken mid May or June. It's a State of Alaska Picture - and it is pretty representative of a lot of Alaska... Alaska anywhere during the summer.

There are a ton of waterfalls in Alaska. Just open your eyes. The island I live on has thousands of them in the summer. I love driving down the road and just stopping - amazed at the beauty of them... listening to them crash into life.

A view of the town where I live.... during the summer.

Yes. We do have winters - and yes, they are very long.

But Alaska is nothing like what most people think of... Blowing snow - penguins marching - igloos and dogsleds to work. (Ahem - I need to clarify - SOUTH POLE is where the penguins are...)

Any questions? Anything you want to know?

Like what are the flight times? LOL!

Lady M

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Blogrolling - Awesome New Toy - Don't Have It? GET IT!

Mr. Karl (My dream boy :P) turned me on. Yeah, that's right. He totally got me in the mood.

Sometimes you just have to let go - and say what the heck! So I did. And when it happened, it was an epiphany. Stars exploded before my eyes - fireworks blasted through the air - and all was right in the world.


Of course, I'm talking about Blogrolling.

It's a neat little tool that allows you to keep your list of favorite blogs on your side bar on your page... I think you can even take it with you in your own little browser window - but I haven't gotten that far yet. I'm still a virgin. Honest. A blog rolling virgin. Yep. I've made it to first and second base... rounding my way to third.

If you'll look on the right hand side of my page - it will have a list of websites that I visit. On that list it will even mark the ones that have been updated, have had comments posted to it and more.

Now... Unfortunately, it doesn't bring you breakfast in bed. And as Karl so politely told me, it doesn't make decadent Death By Chocolate Fudge Sundaes. But what it does do, is keep me in tune with who has posted recently and it lets me know when a new comment has been made. So it saves me time.

And as we all know - time is money.

It gives me more time to write - and it also makes me feel comfy with knowing how everyone is doing.

So - if you haven't BlogRolled yet - go try it out. You just go to their CONFUSING "looking" website. All you have to do is sign up for it. Spend a moment reading the concept - add a website that you want on your blog roll - set your preferences... and then there is a link that you can copy to your FAVORITES - so all you have to do when visiting a site - is put it in your blog roll by clicking on the link in your FAVORITES... And then you can add comments.

(Tanya will love that... LOL! She's got great comments on her web links... Don't tell her I told you... But if you just hover your mouse over a link on her site's side bar - she gives you a little idea of what she thinks of the linkers.)

It's free... and remember - it saves you time... especially if you really enjoy reading other people's sites - but don't want to just click on them to see if they've done any renovations or new posts.

When I find things that are somewhat cool - I like to share them.

I'll write some more tonight - but a shout out to Alexandra at Wry Writer for the birthday a few days ago...

A slap on the back to Miss Snark - who definetely has some thunder - I really don't care who she is... Or what she does... She gives a lot of us the desire, the strength, the answers and the inspiration to just keep doing what we need to be doing!

A high five to Jeff AGAIN - for writing a new short... One that will really touch writers who have not been supported in their pursuit by those they love... Or even if you just get that "VIBE" once in awhile from those that love you... That you're wasting your time.

The Knight Agency has some serious Q & A going on right now - so if you have a question about writing, get in there while you can - Diane Peterfreund is answering... And she's got some kick ass answers.

Gena is about ready to go on signing for her book - I hope she lets us know how it goes... Like will it be exciting? Will it be boring? Will it be snazzy? Or just a rotten table? I need the Gossip babe... LOL! Oh and if you get out to see here - bring her some real coffee.

Ladyt is doing a hella lot of reviews on Television shows that are top notch and she mentions Sookie Stackhouse - one of the best characters in a set of books I found to be charming - well written and hilarious!

That's it for the shout outs for now - I'll come write something interesting later... Maybe about Boogers... ROFLMAO! (Just kidding... put down the kleenex.)

Hugs to all of you! Go get Blog Roll - you'll love it once you figure it out!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Writing Quote of the day...

Sometimes quotes just pop into my head. And I have to put them down. The other day this one popped in - took a visit - and decided to stay.

I thought I'd share, before I forgot it.

"Writing is a wonderful moment in time, where the world finally comes into focus."

Some days were just meant to be hung over...

Yeah one of those days.

I don't even know if my poor head can manage much more...

Scratching... Thinking... Pondering... Plotting...

And certainly no more wine. I'm so not a regular drinker. However, I will admit that last night it was a needed thing. At least the hubby thought so.

Good news - I didn't have a darn thing.

Bad news... My poor kid was infested.

Me - I was freaked out. Still am... Everything that goes bump makes me jump. But the kid - well she thought it was an adventure. Seriously, she was like, "way cool".

I'm thinking she's going to be a doctor. If she can handle this so well, she's got nerves of steel.

Still... I'm not sure if she was saying "way cool" about the critters - or about the way her mom freaked out.


Now that's too much pondering for my head.

Off with me to bed.

Savannah - woohoo - talk about YUMMY... So yummy that I can't even comment without uhm... well uhmmmmm.... yanno - right? LMAO!

Hot stuff girlie.

And Karl is rocking with the hilarity over at his site. Sheesh - I'm busting a gut and my head is pounding to the double beat of my laughter. You gotta see it to understand, but it's all about the potty. Oh yeah baby - get me excited. LMAO!

Alexandra had a birthday - woohoo! You go girl.

Jana Deleon has the cutest cover for her new sale. Remind me to fix her name over there on the link list - don't know why my fingers fumbled that one. I'm more excited about her cover than she is - it's way awesome! LOL!

And Jeff... Well he wrote a story about being a woman - and being an AVERAGE WOMAN... and let me tell you - it's quietly sweet, elegant, erotic and a darn good read.

Youse guys are wonderful writers - the whole lot of you. Each unique and extremely special.

There are more folks out there but with my head doing the "THUD THUD THUD" I just can't think clearly... Not that I ever did before.

Hugs to ya all!

Monday, March 13, 2006

OMG - Have you ever seen a head louse?

This afternoon the school calls and says that my daughter's classroom has been singled out as an epidemic of head lice.

OMG OMG OMG OMG I think to myself. I've never seen it, never had it, don't have a clue about it.

My experience of head diseases stops at dandruff.

So here we go searching, because who knows, there might be something there. Adventurerama right?

Wrong. How very freaking wrong.

Daughter gets sat down and I take out a comb, and gently pull apart her hairs and AHA!

There - in front of me are speckles of white. They shift, they move -and panicked that I am, I scream for the husband to come over. He hmmms... He hmpppffffs... He nudges a few hairs over and starts picking through her hair while I sit there freaking out.


Finally he stands back and he says, "That's not lice, that's dandruff."

I breathe the deepest sigh of relief. I am instantly calm. The man of the house has spoken - life is good.

And then he smiles and he pulls her hair apart and snags something. Me, I think he's joking around. He turns and grabs a sandwich bag, opens it up, slips his hand in, pulls his hand out and zips it up tight...

He hands the bag to me and says proudly: "Now that's a lice."

He woke me up from the floor. There are few things that really bother me - not quite phobias, but extreme dislikes. BUGS are one of them. Lice are BUGS.

He's laughing at me - I'm freaking out.


I'm thinking about all the things we'll have to cancel. How we can avoid telling anyone - will we have to give up our membership at the country club? Oh we're scourge! We're horrible people. I knew I should have vacuumed twice a day. I knew I shouldn't have worn those pants twice, I didn't think anyone would notice - honest.

Suddenly the world tunneled in on me.

He's laughing at me still...

I'm thinking - my mind is whirling and then - the most amazing thing happened. Every BIT of my skin started crawling. I had the itchies. Everything everywhere felt like it was being tickled... And I'm freaking out even more.

Hubby dearest realizes I'm about to explode in a freak out session of mass proportions because he knows that I'm almost bug-o-phobic - I'm almost in hysterics.

Me... A person who has held dying people gooping blood out and pieces of bodies... Me... the one who has assisted with airplane casualties... Me... the one who has picked up decapitated heads... I'm seriously a basket case when it comes to the thought of little critters crawling around on my skull.

I won't even let him check my head, because I don't want to know for sure I've got them. Nope. Not going to be there if I don't know for sure.

He's laughing his ass off - still. He carefully turns to the fridge and pulls out a bottle of wine, and pours me a glass - which I down in five seconds holding it out for refills. A few glasses later, I'm coherent and able to think straight.

I start military strategy. I write down with efficiency the things we will obviously need:

A kit of removal for every person. A trenchcoat and hat with sunglasses for the person buying the kits, a complete plastic tarp... a flame thrower - a new tent to live in with sleeping bags.

I hand the list to the husband because I am OBVIOUSLY not going to be the one to go to the store. He gently removes the pen from my hand and marks off everything except the kits.

He valiantly agrees to go to the store.

(Of course, I had a steak knife in my hand thinking about how I could skewer any that might jump into the air...)

I don't even have to argue.

For my protection, he takes the child with him.

Me, I'm standing in the middle of the kitchen, afraid to move in any direction, knife in hand, waiting for something small and brown to come out of the sandwich bag that I haven't looked at or touched since he handed it to me in a moment of his bad judgement.

I know that when it comes out, it will be something the size of a pit bull. It will have massive chompers and it will violently twist my head in it's claws as it drains my lifeblood from my head.

Oh yeah, baby, I'm not afraid of bugs. I just can't stand them.

Hubby and kid come home in gales of laughter. I'm still in the kitchen. I've given up on my vigilance with the knife. I'm coming to terms with the fact that I might have some guests visiting me - at least until I can rip open the boxes of shampoo.

I glop the shampoo on all of us - we wait the expected 10 minutes. We all start the combing process.

I tell them - Don't even think about telling me what you find in my hair, as I pick a few nits out of my daughter's hair. Little dandruff looking things - yeah sure... Dandruff...

I keep telling myself that nothing is going to pull an Alien on my hands and start chomping with ravenous teeth.

So that part is done.

He wouldn't get me the flame throwers so I guess I can't torch the house. I've sprayed every surface that is imaginable. I've vacuumed, I've wiped, I've combed, I've washed...

I have so much more to do. He won't let me use bleach either. Sigh... He just doesn't understand...

So here I sit, after a bottle and a half of wine (I'm a very very light drinker - so I'm trashed ahoy!)... I've finally gotten the nerve to see the little prisoner he caught and put in the bag. I put it up against the light...

I look and it waves at me with all of it's legs - and this immense guilt comes over me as I realize I just wiped out his whole world... I've just demolished his forrests of splendor and his families of love...

Ah well. Too bad...

Die sucker! I'm saving you so I can give you to the school nurse.

You know... There are a couple of people I wouldn't mind dumping this on... Just casually open the bag near their heads and shake...

Ahhh... that's right. I'm a nice person...

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Argggghhh... Work in 3 hours and Blogspot keeps going down.

OK - guys - I'm sorry that the site is going to have to stay like this for a day or two.

I promise I will try to fix it tonight, but I'm exhausted, fighting with Blogspot for the last 5 hours. It keeps crashing right in the middle of an HTML write - and I'm going nuts about it.

Anyhow - I'll fix it. Some of the colors are annoying me. And The links don't want to go where I want them - but not bad for just one night's work.

Bear with me. LOL!

Lady M

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I just realized... Same blog template as Emeraldcite...

OK - I'm on the blog template hunt again.

Gots to find me sumthin' difrant.

Gots to get creeatuv.

Emeraldcite's blog is nice - go visit him - while I look for something to make my pages stand out and look interesting.

Shhhhhh.... be vewwwy vewwwwy qwwiiwiit. We are huntwing blog templates. *g*

Eeeeeevil... Just Eeeeeeevil... Pinkie to mouth

On the fly - story about evil... Slithering, insiduous evil.

I'm at work, so forgive any errors. Again, as I've said before, I don't plan On the Fly work out. I just write and let whatever wants to come out - out. Like an exorcism.

It Wasn't Me
By Lady M

I'd been saying it all morning and I don't know why one more time would be the one that broke the camel's back... it just did.

"Taylor, maybe you should just quiet down and let Mommy work." I said for about the fifteenth time.

"Bang! I got you Mommy!" He pointed his gun at me again and ran around me in a screaming rendition of cowboys and indians. "Bang! Bang! Bang!"

"Taylor honey, could you please take your gun and go into the playroom? Mommy really has to finish writing this contract." I rubbed my bleary eyes, trying to make them uncross.

"No." It sounded like he had spit it out.

I stopped rubbing my eyes and turned to look at my son. He'd never said the word "no" so vehemently before and I was in no mood to put up with it this time.

"Taylor Jacob Anderson!" I admonished him.

"I said No!" His voice roise and his little face turned fire engine red.

"I told you to go into the other room. Now march mister before I give you a reason to be sorry." It usually worked, the small threats. I never spanked him, but he was terrified of them, so usually it worked. I pointed my finger in the direction of his play room where every toy ever made by mankind was scattered all over the floor.

I glanced up at the clock and noticed it was almost ten o'clock in the morning. Another half an hour and the babysitter would show up, relieving me of my parental duties so I could rush off to the noon meeting with all of the bigwigs I had prepared the presentation for.

It had to be perfect - the presentation... It just had to be. The art on the portfolio would either make or break my career today. The cars depicted on the first drawing would hopefully bring me and my family a hundred grand of much needed money. I had gone into debt just keeping my art skills up and learning to write contracts. I had freelanced long enough and now I needed to get noticed or quit and find a decent day job. We were down to our last few hundred in the bank, so this was make it or break it time.

Taylor stood there glaring at me and my pointing finger. Not moving, not budging.

"I said move it Taylor, right this instant, I'm not kidding."

"I hate you!" He screamed at me, anger and ferocity etched in his face, his little green eyes bulging.

I sat back as his tirade freaked me out for a second. What the hell was going on with my perfect angel son?

I wasn't prepared when he leapt onto me, kicking and biting. His teeth found purchase on my cheek, ripping into the flesh. For a moment, I just sat there, dazed and a little confused and then I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him away from me. Bad mistake, I suppose now, but at the time it wasn't a concious thought, it was a reaction.

His mouth came away from my face, with a chunk of flesh in it. I could feel the warmth of the blood dripping down my jawline and down my neck. It splattered onto the floor.

Time stood still as I watched my son carefully and purposefully chew on my skin between his teeth. He was enjoying the taste of my meat.

Dazed, I reached over and slapped him across the face, dislodging the contents of his mouth onto the floor. I held my hand to my cheek and realized that I now had a chunk missing and that piece now lay quivering right there in front of me on the dirty floor.

Shock made me sit back down and kept me holding on to my cheek to keep the blood from oozing out in gushes of vibrant red.

I stared at my son trying to make sense of what had just happened. All thoughts of the meeting far from my mind.

He stood there, his fists clenching and unclenching, his eyes swirling in chaos and his jaw tight. His eyes narrowed and for a moment I feared another attack, I jerked backwards in fright.

That was a mistake, his eyes narrowed and his mouth turned upwards in a satisfied smile.

"What the hell did you just do that for?" I tried to keep my voice calm, trying to sort this all out as blood slid through my fingers.

"Because I hate you Mommy. I want to see you bleed and die." He said calmly, watching me for a reaction.

My five year old was telling me he wanted me to die! What the fuck was going on?

Before I could think of what I was going to do to staunch the blood flow or how I was going to handle Taylor - he closed the distance and grabbed my hair, tearing out a chunk of it, as I stood and yanked my head away.

He kept coming at me, swinging his hands like claws. He was chomping his mouth, the sound of his teeth clacking as he tried to bite down on my arm or my side, it didn't matter where his teeth found purchase, he just wanted them to close down on my body, anywhere.

I backed up towards the hallway trying to stay out of his reach. Panicked, I tried to think of where to go.

The downstairs bathroom! If I could get to the bathroom, I would be able to lock the doors and crawl out the window. Then I could get help. First for my son and then for my bleeding face.

"Don't move Mommy, I'm going to get you," he growled in a low rumbling voice.

At the top of the stairs, ready to take the first step, he jumped onto my back, taking a chunk of my hair in his hands - he slammed his teeth down onto my shoulder and bit all the way through.

I slammed my body backwards against the wall, blood started oozing down my arm and back and another chunk of flesh was missing from my body.

I'm not sure exactly what happened then. It's kind of hazy. The next thing I know, we were both lying on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. I scrambled to my feet and the blood flowed down into a pool at my feet.

Taylor was lying there, not moving. His head and neck were bent at an impossible angle. I could see him still breathing, but his body wasn't trying to get up. My son was laying there and I was terrified to go and make sure he was going to be all right.

I knelt next to him and I didn't know what to do. A wave of hopelessness washed over me. I reached down to see if there was anything I could feel that was broken.

"Taylor. Oh my god Taylor. What just happened?" I was afraid to pick him up or touch him, I worried that I might damage or kill him.

I looked into his eyes and noted they were clear and not hazed over, he smiled up at me. I looked at his neck, obviously angled in a way that necks were never meant to be angled.

"Mommy," he said, trying to get my attention that was diverted to his neck.

"Hold on Taylor, I'm going to get you to the doctor." I pleaded with god, with the devil, anything to make my baby come back to me. It was hopeless and I knew it, but I still wanted him to be fine.

"Mommy..." He said again, making sure I was looking into his eyes. "I love you Mommy."

"Oh god, Taylor, I love you too, honey, everything is going to be ok." I desperately looked for anything that would help, I stood up to go grab the phone and dial 9-1-1. "Just hold on baby."

His nails clutched my pantleg and pulled me down to him. I knew it was useless to try and save him, his breathing was already becoming ragged and red frothy foam was coming out of his nose.

"Mommy, it wasn't me." That was all he said.

The light dimmed out of his eyes and I knew right then that he was gone. There was nothing I could do to bring him back. I grabbed his lifeless body and pressed him close to me, covering him in kisses.

"It wasn't me," echoed through my mind as we waited for someone to find us.