Friday, April 14, 2006

THE BROWN TROUT - An HONOR to do - Mock Cover

Very few people in the world can write something that affects me so much inside that I realize that there is an extreme LITERARY talent creating those words.

The Brown Trout - an author who prefers to remain anonymous, is exactly one of these types of people. This writer runs you through a gamut of emotions - stark, lively, funny, sad, abrupt, obnoxious, wistful, dreaming, sarcasm, wit and so many more, that it is quite wonderful to read.

Perhaps there is a braggart in all of us - but this writer - regardless of who He truly is or is not, does not matter. The words upon his blog have captured me - leaving me waiting to read more of the escapades of the mind and heart - that the writer adventures on. It is almost like stepping inside someone else's shoes for just a few moments.

The story is, in my imagination, a memoir of searching through life for that one thing - without knowing precisely what it is - but knowing you must search for it. Whether it be women, fishing, wine, flying, love ---- it doesn't matter - but the search for it does.

I took liberties with giving the book a title - and for all of the ideas and images behind the story. It is how I view this writer's style and life from what has been shared.

So without saying any more - other than you had better go read through this blog... It is a treasure you might miss if you don't... Here is the mock Cover for The Brown Trout's Next Book:

Brown Trout - I hope you enjoy this... And find it to be a part of you. -Lady M

PS. I'm waiting on some feedback from Sela to finish up her cover - she's on vacation and I have a few questions first.

PS. AGAIN... I never thought I'd be doing covers - but I've had more fun making these up for you AMAZING WRITERS!