Saturday, April 22, 2006

Michelle As Leigh Royals Mock Cover - Contance of The Carolinas

This one was probably the hardest one so far.

I learned a lot more on how to manipulate some of this program - and I put that learning to use in making this cover. Doing People on covers is not easy. Especially if you're trying for period costume dressing... So like all of the other covers - I took liberties with the author's descriptions and ideas - and implemented my own.

I thought about the story line - and what I imagined would be a "scene" set up out of it. What would happen if... And how does.... And where.... And that is how I came about making this particular cover.

Egads - while I know the people and costumes aren't perfect - I wish that I had a gaggle of props and images and models now - this is so much fun - I feel limited by the few things that I have... And like every woman in the world - LMAO! I want MORE!!!!

And now I invite you to ROMANCE DIVA's New Mock Cover:

Domynoe, BlueMoon, Mark and Jeanette are the next in line for book covers. Hugs to everyone.

Lady M