Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Word about My Art talents... Or lack thereof


Uhmmm... Until I was playing with Savannah's Cover as a joke mock up - yesterday - to make her smile, I had never thought to make a cover before.

I'm just learning (seriously - like as in last 2 days) how to use the program that lets me move things around.

So if the covers are horrid - or if you find something horribly wrong with them, I would like to apologize first hand. They are just figments of my imagination on how I see my fellow bloggers.

Most of which - you guys are writers ---- AND EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU DESERVES A COVER!!! You all deserve to be published. I go to some of your blogs and it makes me want to weep at all the incredible talent I see on those pages.

So - I figure - I'll give you all a little inspiration with the mock-ups and you guys do the leg work (or finger work, if you will). Now go get published! LOL!

Many Hugs to ALL of you.

Lady M