Thursday, April 13, 2006

Desie - Dracul Mock Cover...

I'm not exactly sure how this is going to show up in Blogger. It could be an interesting match.

This cover is made to be "Mystical", time transcending and unique. I tried some new ideas and different tools (Freaking out every single move - *g*).

There are a lot of elements behind the story on this cover - let me just say, it is fantasy/reality/spiritual/justice/time space warp differences meshed together. It is neither here nor there, but all of it combined.

I didn't quite get the Sexing up into it - because it just didn't feel "sexy" to me... More of an ethereal dream quality - of truth and fantasy mixed together. It was a misty feel for me... like the edge of waking up, the dream still there, but your mind is already focused on work.

The puffin - well... that's just there because... well... because the author likes puffins. LOL! And I thought it would add a very unique edge to it! *G*

This one is very "ARTSY" and took time in the creation of it.

So I tried to capture that in the mock cover. I hope Dracul likes it.

OK - Blogger and I are having a disagreement - it doesn't want to upload the picture like Jo's so give me just a few more moments and I'll edit and add it.