Monday, April 17, 2006

Sela Carsen - Mock Cover for COLD RUNE!

Sela has a great story line heading up!

I wanted to try more artsy - eerie - effect on this one - but with a touch of Sci-fi and Thriller in it.

I also wanted to implement the concept of the story - (Sela, I hope I got it about right - this is one of about 4 I was playing around with - and for some reason I liked this one best) A story she'll have to explain.

I'm working heavy shifts (if you guys haven't noticed I'm quiet on the blogster from Saturday to about Tues.) so I'll be doing the next requests. If I've missed you - let me know Rene and Mark are next.

I'm dying to hear what Brown Trout thinks of his! LOL!

Sela - let me know if it's anywhere near what your ideas were.

And without any more gabbing - here she is - SELA CARSEN in ALL Her GLORY!