Wednesday, April 12, 2006

MG Tarquini - Mock Cover For Lala Scrivano!

Ladies and Gentlemen - I invite you to peruse MG Tarquini's - Lala Scrivano's New Adventures from the Snark Files!

Note the Versace glasses... The pants that have been dropped to the floor... Note the dripping diamonds of Lala's Author. Lala in Snarkville had an attitude that was simply dipped in gold and encrusted with sparklies.

I didn't want to go too overboard... Lala - from what I've seen - has many facets. Many different adventures and many different styles. For me - what stood out was her peering over her Versace glasses at the gentleman taking such good care of her. A Dynasty in that Adventure. :P

So MG - I hope you like it. It almost had whips and piles of books and all sorts of stuff, but then I sat down and thought about it. Lala has class and gumption. :P

Folks - do go visit MG. She's got lots of good information on her site for those who are into the craft of writing. Hurry - Go peek.