Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lauren Roberts - Biblio Buffet Cover

Lauren Roberts is the editor over at Biblio Buffet. Along with some very interesting folks, they write reviews on books... Not just your every day commercial fiction being churned out - but literary works - obscure works... And anything with print on it.

Now - When I went to her site to get to know her - I noticed that it is done very professionally. Very upstanding... But done in serious black and white. Like typeset pages.

So wanting to set the color fairy free - and give her something new and unique, I decided to play a little with the things that she works on: Paper, Memos, Books, and titles. I also wanted it to be very flamboyantly artsy - but touchable at the same time.

So - go stop by the Biblio Buffet - Read some of the hard efforts of the folks over there - and have a great time!

And here's Lauren's new Literary Masterpiece :P :