Friday, April 07, 2006

Crafty Chica Cover - This one was fun!

Actually - this one was a blast making...

Hubby got involved and drew the Dias De Muertos (forgive me - it means Day of the Dead - a very large celebration) picture.

I wanted to implement the authors own cigar box and creative lifestyle - so the glitter and art items represent the crafts and glitter that she so loves.

I also did not want to just "copy" her website and make something she already "had".

I opted for less bright Mexican colors - because I wanted to highlight the Skeleton and Frida PLUS the arts and crafts AND Glitter - and the originals that I did with those colors didn't mesh well. In fact they were so horrible my husband took offense - and he's Mexican. LMAO!

I have to admit this was probably one of the harder ones for me to do, even though it was fun - because my hubby took a lot of interest in it. Instead of me just doodling along and playing with things - he would stoop over my shoulder and say - "GET RID OF THAT! Or maybe you should add this." LOL! Ay yi yi!

The shoes represent the three women in her book - one is a Bohemian, one is a star beauty and one is your frumpy housewife.

The picture of Frida - a very famous Mexican artist - is one of Kathy's passions.

I hope this makes her smile - Everyone - Welcome Kathy Cano Murillo into the world with The Crafty Chica Chronicles!