Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rene Miller - Mock Cover - The Darkest Midnight

Rene has such a sweet, lovely website that when she told me what her story concept was - I about fell over.

It was the last thing I expected: Paranormal, psuedo-horror, romance, gothic.

OK - so it wasn't so horror "ish" but when I read it, I kept getting this "dark" almost evil feel to the cover that I had to do it.

It may not be exactly what her story is about - but I will say I delighted in making the complete opposite concept of her website that I giggled the entire time making this.

On a side note - our darned ISP group crashed last night until this am and they let all of us know that it will be intermittent for the next day or so.

My days off are coming up and I LIVE for the web on my days off. LOL!

Grrrr. They better not.

I have Mark, Domyno as next and if I've missed you - Just poke your head in here and let me know please. I'm scatterbrained about this time of the week.

I'm telling you - these covers are fun to make... If I knew that I'd have this much fun doing them I would have persued doing this in college. They are exciting to watch take shape and the feelings behind them are simply amazing for me. OK - not as exciting as reading Savannah's yummy stuff - but pretty darn close.

OK - now for gorgeous Rene Miller! with her Cover - THE DARKEST MIDNIGHT: