Monday, April 10, 2006

Some days are more creative than others...

This is first - a shout out to Chris - if he happens to stumble on to this blog - as "if" he would, or "if" he would even care. Dude - one of these days...

Second - this is a call out - I've finished all the requested covers.


I've truly enjoyed making them and if you'll browse through the blog and the muddled up stories throughout the blog - you'll see 12 of them! Yikes!

So if anyone is interested - just ask - I'll be glad to make you happy!

Thank you all for the comments on my Flash Fiction Down below "The Trickle". The compliments coming from some of you humble me greatly. You're all such GREAT writers!

Alrighty then - I'll be heading off to sleep - and will check back in on your blogging lives tomorrow.

Hugs to all!

Lady M