Saturday, April 22, 2006

Larry Moon - Blue Moon Productions - Intimate Reflections Mock Cover

For Larry - Sometimes getting the words on paper is the hardest thing. A little encouragement is all he needs!

This little Blog of Mine talks about life - as we know it. Poetry, memoirs and more. If you get a chance, go visit this very mild mannered guy - and I hope that this totally original cover makes him smile.

Please don't laugh at my inept artwork - LMAO! It really is a BLUE MOON (his design logo name) made into a flower... I tried - no peanuts thrown at me - alright? :P

Take it away Larry!

I'm waiting on an answer from Mark and from Domynoe - (Mark - what do you want it on... The blog - or something spectacular that you're writing? Ya know - I could do one just on your awesome chaps... LMAO! Domy --- I want more info on Arden. I sent an email. I think I could have a blast on that. Jeanette - OOooh Baby - just looking for the right images... )

Hugs all!

Lady M