Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ta dah - Here she is... LOL

Hi everyone - meet my kid.

Well - at least meet her lovely fractures.

Grrrrr... Internet ISP down for days...

If anyone has emailed me - my provider has been up and down - and rejecting everything for 3 days. No online service for me for 3 days is like - uhmmmm can we say "torture"? I've been able to get a few comments in - as long as I don't take too long - (and we're talking me - the queen of the long winded post - GRIN)

And to top this lovely day off - LOL! My daughter went rollerskating and fractured her wrist in 2 places.

What a weekend - eh?

Hugs off to everyone - I'm not ignoring you - I promise!

Lady M

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Larry Moon - Blue Moon Productions - Intimate Reflections Mock Cover

For Larry - Sometimes getting the words on paper is the hardest thing. A little encouragement is all he needs!

This little Blog of Mine talks about life - as we know it. Poetry, memoirs and more. If you get a chance, go visit this very mild mannered guy - and I hope that this totally original cover makes him smile.

Please don't laugh at my inept artwork - LMAO! It really is a BLUE MOON (his design logo name) made into a flower... I tried - no peanuts thrown at me - alright? :P

Take it away Larry!

I'm waiting on an answer from Mark and from Domynoe - (Mark - what do you want it on... The blog - or something spectacular that you're writing? Ya know - I could do one just on your awesome chaps... LMAO! Domy --- I want more info on Arden. I sent an email. I think I could have a blast on that. Jeanette - OOooh Baby - just looking for the right images... )

Hugs all!

Lady M

Michelle As Leigh Royals Mock Cover - Contance of The Carolinas

This one was probably the hardest one so far.

I learned a lot more on how to manipulate some of this program - and I put that learning to use in making this cover. Doing People on covers is not easy. Especially if you're trying for period costume dressing... So like all of the other covers - I took liberties with the author's descriptions and ideas - and implemented my own.

I thought about the story line - and what I imagined would be a "scene" set up out of it. What would happen if... And how does.... And where.... And that is how I came about making this particular cover.

Egads - while I know the people and costumes aren't perfect - I wish that I had a gaggle of props and images and models now - this is so much fun - I feel limited by the few things that I have... And like every woman in the world - LMAO! I want MORE!!!!

And now I invite you to ROMANCE DIVA's New Mock Cover:

Domynoe, BlueMoon, Mark and Jeanette are the next in line for book covers. Hugs to everyone.

Lady M

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Please Go Visit Alexandra - She's not feeling well...

And after being almost grilled by a car - I don't think most of us would be.

So - please go stop by and offer a word of cheer to Alexandra Wolfe at The Wry Writer.

Thanks. Night for now - Hugs to all - and Mark and Domynoe, youse guys are the next ones.


Rene Miller - Mock Cover - The Darkest Midnight

Rene has such a sweet, lovely website that when she told me what her story concept was - I about fell over.

It was the last thing I expected: Paranormal, psuedo-horror, romance, gothic.

OK - so it wasn't so horror "ish" but when I read it, I kept getting this "dark" almost evil feel to the cover that I had to do it.

It may not be exactly what her story is about - but I will say I delighted in making the complete opposite concept of her website that I giggled the entire time making this.

On a side note - our darned ISP group crashed last night until this am and they let all of us know that it will be intermittent for the next day or so.

My days off are coming up and I LIVE for the web on my days off. LOL!

Grrrr. They better not.

I have Mark, Domyno as next and if I've missed you - Just poke your head in here and let me know please. I'm scatterbrained about this time of the week.

I'm telling you - these covers are fun to make... If I knew that I'd have this much fun doing them I would have persued doing this in college. They are exciting to watch take shape and the feelings behind them are simply amazing for me. OK - not as exciting as reading Savannah's yummy stuff - but pretty darn close.

OK - now for gorgeous Rene Miller! with her Cover - THE DARKEST MIDNIGHT:

Monday, April 17, 2006

Sela Carsen - Mock Cover for COLD RUNE!

Sela has a great story line heading up!

I wanted to try more artsy - eerie - effect on this one - but with a touch of Sci-fi and Thriller in it.

I also wanted to implement the concept of the story - (Sela, I hope I got it about right - this is one of about 4 I was playing around with - and for some reason I liked this one best) A story she'll have to explain.

I'm working heavy shifts (if you guys haven't noticed I'm quiet on the blogster from Saturday to about Tues.) so I'll be doing the next requests. If I've missed you - let me know Rene and Mark are next.

I'm dying to hear what Brown Trout thinks of his! LOL!

Sela - let me know if it's anywhere near what your ideas were.

And without any more gabbing - here she is - SELA CARSEN in ALL Her GLORY!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Justin Rodgers Updates

I'll post them in the reply section - they are Long.
This is one of my co-workers who MIRACULOUSLY survived a plane crash!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Anyone else up for a cover?

I think I've finished everyone's cover besides Sela, which I'm waiting for an answer on some questions... and she's vacationing! *YAY-hope it's fun!*

So if I've missed your request - or you haven't made one - now is the time.

Shout out to Savannah who is taking a blogging break and hugs to everyone!


THE BROWN TROUT - An HONOR to do - Mock Cover

Very few people in the world can write something that affects me so much inside that I realize that there is an extreme LITERARY talent creating those words.

The Brown Trout - an author who prefers to remain anonymous, is exactly one of these types of people. This writer runs you through a gamut of emotions - stark, lively, funny, sad, abrupt, obnoxious, wistful, dreaming, sarcasm, wit and so many more, that it is quite wonderful to read.

Perhaps there is a braggart in all of us - but this writer - regardless of who He truly is or is not, does not matter. The words upon his blog have captured me - leaving me waiting to read more of the escapades of the mind and heart - that the writer adventures on. It is almost like stepping inside someone else's shoes for just a few moments.

The story is, in my imagination, a memoir of searching through life for that one thing - without knowing precisely what it is - but knowing you must search for it. Whether it be women, fishing, wine, flying, love ---- it doesn't matter - but the search for it does.

I took liberties with giving the book a title - and for all of the ideas and images behind the story. It is how I view this writer's style and life from what has been shared.

So without saying any more - other than you had better go read through this blog... It is a treasure you might miss if you don't... Here is the mock Cover for The Brown Trout's Next Book:

Brown Trout - I hope you enjoy this... And find it to be a part of you. -Lady M

PS. I'm waiting on some feedback from Sela to finish up her cover - she's on vacation and I have a few questions first.

PS. AGAIN... I never thought I'd be doing covers - but I've had more fun making these up for you AMAZING WRITERS!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Desie - Dracul Mock Cover...

I'm not exactly sure how this is going to show up in Blogger. It could be an interesting match.

This cover is made to be "Mystical", time transcending and unique. I tried some new ideas and different tools (Freaking out every single move - *g*).

There are a lot of elements behind the story on this cover - let me just say, it is fantasy/reality/spiritual/justice/time space warp differences meshed together. It is neither here nor there, but all of it combined.

I didn't quite get the Sexing up into it - because it just didn't feel "sexy" to me... More of an ethereal dream quality - of truth and fantasy mixed together. It was a misty feel for me... like the edge of waking up, the dream still there, but your mind is already focused on work.

The puffin - well... that's just there because... well... because the author likes puffins. LOL! And I thought it would add a very unique edge to it! *G*

This one is very "ARTSY" and took time in the creation of it.

So I tried to capture that in the mock cover. I hope Dracul likes it.

OK - Blogger and I are having a disagreement - it doesn't want to upload the picture like Jo's so give me just a few more moments and I'll edit and add it.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

MG Tarquini - Mock Cover For Lala Scrivano!

Ladies and Gentlemen - I invite you to peruse MG Tarquini's - Lala Scrivano's New Adventures from the Snark Files!

Note the Versace glasses... The pants that have been dropped to the floor... Note the dripping diamonds of Lala's Author. Lala in Snarkville had an attitude that was simply dipped in gold and encrusted with sparklies.

I didn't want to go too overboard... Lala - from what I've seen - has many facets. Many different adventures and many different styles. For me - what stood out was her peering over her Versace glasses at the gentleman taking such good care of her. A Dynasty in that Adventure. :P

So MG - I hope you like it. It almost had whips and piles of books and all sorts of stuff, but then I sat down and thought about it. Lala has class and gumption. :P

Folks - do go visit MG. She's got lots of good information on her site for those who are into the craft of writing. Hurry - Go peek.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Savannah - Faith - Bernita - Tanya and other Erotica Authors!

Hurry - check out this post on Kristen Nelson's Blog.

You might be interested: Erotica Authors - City that Never Sleeps

Some days are more creative than others...

This is first - a shout out to Chris - if he happens to stumble on to this blog - as "if" he would, or "if" he would even care. Dude - one of these days...

Second - this is a call out - I've finished all the requested covers.


I've truly enjoyed making them and if you'll browse through the blog and the muddled up stories throughout the blog - you'll see 12 of them! Yikes!

So if anyone is interested - just ask - I'll be glad to make you happy!

Thank you all for the comments on my Flash Fiction Down below "The Trickle". The compliments coming from some of you humble me greatly. You're all such GREAT writers!

Alrighty then - I'll be heading off to sleep - and will check back in on your blogging lives tomorrow.

Hugs to all!

Lady M

Jo Bourne's Cover

I read through Jo's site - and I learned a lot about her.

Mostly that she's a down to earth, nice lady - who loves animals.

One story particularly had me in stitches... The one about the cat up the tree... LOL!

Go read it and enjoy!

She's a writer of the Napoleonic Era (Is the the right way to say it?) of Historical Romance. So I penned a novel name for her - But I just HAD to implement the Tree... LMAO!

OK Jo - I hope you like it and I hope I spelled everything correctly!

Blogger and I had some issues with uploading this one... Grrrrr.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Trickle....

I know that I want to finish up Crime Dragon - but I want to write it when I'm in a very happy mood, because... well... because Bob deserves that! LOL!

I have this Flash story running through my mind and I want to share it with you.

The Trickle
Lady M

I've been sitting here, trying to die for hours.

It isn't my first time either.

Last time, I took some pills and washed them down with Jack Daniels. I can't stand Jack Daniels any more than I can stand my life so it seemed appropriate, some how. But I will be loved if I die. Somehow, I know this to the core of my very being.

The time before that, I tried to gas myself out of the house. The neighbors complained and beat on the walls, truly interrupting my plans. I mean, who wants to die with a ruckus going on of broomsticks hitting the ceiling? I think I can remember the sounds of those brooms, but it seems so distant now.

This time, I am a little more ingenious. I set my bath to nicely warm. Steamy curls of mist rolling off the claw foot tub surface. The water barely rippled by the slow flow of water. I immersed myself to chest level and sat there, letting my body relax after a nice glass of champagne.

I had bought Cristal, using the last of my savings. I deserved an expensive goodbye. It is my choice to feel elegant. To be glamorous in this one last picture frame of my life.

I take out the razor, careful not to cut my fingers. This must be clean, I think to myself.

This must look perfect.

I start at my left jugular vein and slice a gaping mouth into my throat. I do not feel the blood dripping down.

I feel nothing but a sigh of relief.


I am concerned as I see the hand holding the blade is hairy, and does not have my manicured nails.

How can this be? I have done this myself, have I not?

What is that trickle?

I hear it.

Along with the lub dub dub slowing of my heart.

And who is that laughing?

What is a man doing in my bathroom?

How did he get in here?

Why am I in my bathtub?


"But your honor, my client says that she wanted to die and he did nothing but assist her wishes." The Defense Attorney paced as he spoke.

"Your client is a serial killer who drugs women and uses hypnosis on them to make them kill themselves." The Prosecutor announced, causing a murmur amongst the jury.

"I object!" The Defending attorney yelled.

"Overruled. Gentlemen, please." The Judge ordered from the bench. "I don't want to be here all day - Prosecution go ahead and finish your questioning."

"Do you practice hypnosis?" The Prosecutor asked.

All eyes looked expectantly at the man sitting under the glare of television cameras.

"Yes, " the man lisped out through a half smile.

"Did you hypnotize this lady?" The Prosecutor pointed to picture of a smiling woman.

"Yes," Another smile.

"Did you tell her to kill herself?"

"Objection - that is heresay!"

"I'll answer," the man looked at his attorney who sat in openmouthed shock looking at him as if he were vermin, and instead of arguing, the Defense sat down.

"I gave her what her heart desired. I told her she could be free with me. That I would always love her."

"You'd always love her?" The Prosecutor echoed.

"Of course. I love them all." He nodded.

"And you told her to commit suicide?" The Prosecutor prompted.

"No. I told her she had tried it before. That she had not suceeded."


"And I told her if she wanted to be with me, she must succeed."

"She believed you? That she had tried before?"

"Of course, I'm no charlatan hypnotist. They all believe what I want them to." His chest puffed up with pride.

"And you make them go through with it?"

"No. I get them relaxed. I set them up and I tell them I will always love them as I slice their throats, using my own hand over theirs." He smiled up at the Prosecutor as if he were a child proud of his work.

"I see... " The Prosecutor took a few steps and turned. "Did you do this to the other women in those pictures?" He pointed at a row of beautiful women.

"I did. Everyone thought the women did it themselves." He said with a shy smile "They all wrote notes and let everyone know that they had planned this." He giggled, "I even had one call her boyfriend only moments before."

"That's why you never got caught?"

"Of course."

"What did you do with them?" The Prosecutor asked, amazed that he was getting the answers he already knew to be true.

"I tasted them. I loved them. I took them into my body. I truly loved them." His eyes took a dreamy far away look.

"Did you love them all?" The Prosecutor pointed at the pictures of the women again, trying to not show the disgust he felt.

"I did love them all. Down to the last trickle." He licked his lips as if tasting something satisfying.

If You Could, Would You? And for how long? Tell me the story....

Alrighty then.

Here's the interesting idea that MagZ just gave me.

If you could change your SEXUAL GENDER for a specific amount of time...

Would you?

For how long?

What would be the first few things that you would do (ahem... besides feel yourself up.)

Where would you go - to see if it was really different?


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Snark Contest

While I hold no illusions of winning - now that the voting is done...

I shall admit which one is mine. LOL!


That was a fun contest - thanks to Miss Snark! Please - if you haven't already - go visit this young lady.

Princess of Two Loves...


Just sometimes...

You meet someone - and you know... You just know you're supposed to be with them.

No matter what circumstances are in your life - you feel something deeply and you can't explain it.

A moment - a kiss... something.

And you don't know what it is.

You want to run your hands all over them - you want to kiss them and feel them below or above you. You want to mesh with them - yet, you don't even know them.

It's so passionate. It's beautiful and horrible at the same time. You have no idea where these feelings come from. You have no concept of what causes them - you shouldn't even be thinking them ----- yet... there they are.

I have that feeling for one person I've met and I can't explain it. It is magic and awful and beautiful at the same time.

It's like meeting a soul mate all of a sudden - and they don't recognize you.

And the saddest thing - it will never happen... not that I would want it to. But it will never happen.

So I walked into a room - and there they were - the person whom I've always felt this around.

And I couldn't say anything more stupid.

I couldn't say anything more plain.

I couldn't make my intentions more known.

I'm married, I think - but what is marriage...

I toss passion to the wind and remember who I am.

The Crown Princess. The Royal Family... Yet - there in front of me is the one I wish to be with... I go back to the mansion - and amongst the furs I dream.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Crafty Chica Cover - This one was fun!

Actually - this one was a blast making...

Hubby got involved and drew the Dias De Muertos (forgive me - it means Day of the Dead - a very large celebration) picture.

I wanted to implement the authors own cigar box and creative lifestyle - so the glitter and art items represent the crafts and glitter that she so loves.

I also did not want to just "copy" her website and make something she already "had".

I opted for less bright Mexican colors - because I wanted to highlight the Skeleton and Frida PLUS the arts and crafts AND Glitter - and the originals that I did with those colors didn't mesh well. In fact they were so horrible my husband took offense - and he's Mexican. LMAO!

I have to admit this was probably one of the harder ones for me to do, even though it was fun - because my hubby took a lot of interest in it. Instead of me just doodling along and playing with things - he would stoop over my shoulder and say - "GET RID OF THAT! Or maybe you should add this." LOL! Ay yi yi!

The shoes represent the three women in her book - one is a Bohemian, one is a star beauty and one is your frumpy housewife.

The picture of Frida - a very famous Mexican artist - is one of Kathy's passions.

I hope this makes her smile - Everyone - Welcome Kathy Cano Murillo into the world with The Crafty Chica Chronicles!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


You guys - please ignore any artistic errors in the covers... I'm really new at this.

Please know that before I did Savannah's Mock cover way down at the bottom - I had never considered doing anything like these before.

I am very new to the programs and very new to trying things out. So some of the mock covers will look different as I try unique ideas out - that may or may not work - LOL!

Forgive ahead of time any errors on the artsmanship. I think I flunked Kindergarten art. Really. I think. Hugs to everyone visiting - have a splendid day!

Lady M

Lisa Pulliam - Cursed to Hate, Bound to Love Mock Cover

This one is for Lisa Pulliam who has a lovely WIP for Cursed to Hate, Bound to Love... and from what she's told me about it and what I envision from the words on her site - this is my imagination of what I think the cover might look like! LOL!

Please take a moment to visit her site and check her sweet blog out!

Now - please note - she likes PINK... LOL! So - as a fitting tribute, pink is it.

These are Mock up Covers and the images used for them cannot be used for commercial purposes without written permission - so please - if you want to use them for something more than just fun, blogging and giggling around with friends and family - and you want to get serious about them - Please email me and I will do what I can to make it so you can use it commercially on products that will be sold or purchased.

May you have a splendid day - And I'm off to bed. I've got a couple more covers to do - if anyone else would like one - please just let me know!

Lady M

Ray Rhamey - Vampire Kitty-Cat Cover

Alrighty Ray - I hope you like this one. LOL!

Doing the artwork was highly amusing... *G*

I'll try to do some more tonight - but if you guys haven't gone over to Ray's site and read about PATCH the vampire kitty-cat... Then you're totally missing out. This is one cute, well done WIP.

Go on... Go giggle. It's fun!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Not ignoring you...

I'm pulling some long swing/grave shifts right now. And I lost an hour (precious hour) of sleep. :P

I'll post on the morrow. Hugs to everyone...

Vampire Kitty is next on the list for covers - if anyone else has requests that aren't in the last few cover posts - let me know in this one and I'll will gladly do them for you!

Lady M

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Savannah's new Hottie Cover... *G*

Savannah - I love this one. I'm sorry - but I was drooling while I made it.

I hope you semi like it... And you can add on to it - or take away as you like. Huggggs!

Does anyone get that brooding feeling from Mr. Macho?

A Word about My Art talents... Or lack thereof


Uhmmm... Until I was playing with Savannah's Cover as a joke mock up - yesterday - to make her smile, I had never thought to make a cover before.

I'm just learning (seriously - like as in last 2 days) how to use the program that lets me move things around.

So if the covers are horrid - or if you find something horribly wrong with them, I would like to apologize first hand. They are just figments of my imagination on how I see my fellow bloggers.

Most of which - you guys are writers ---- AND EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU DESERVES A COVER!!! You all deserve to be published. I go to some of your blogs and it makes me want to weep at all the incredible talent I see on those pages.

So - I figure - I'll give you all a little inspiration with the mock-ups and you guys do the leg work (or finger work, if you will). Now go get published! LOL!

Many Hugs to ALL of you.

Lady M

Lauren Roberts - Biblio Buffet Cover

Lauren Roberts is the editor over at Biblio Buffet. Along with some very interesting folks, they write reviews on books... Not just your every day commercial fiction being churned out - but literary works - obscure works... And anything with print on it.

Now - When I went to her site to get to know her - I noticed that it is done very professionally. Very upstanding... But done in serious black and white. Like typeset pages.

So wanting to set the color fairy free - and give her something new and unique, I decided to play a little with the things that she works on: Paper, Memos, Books, and titles. I also wanted it to be very flamboyantly artsy - but touchable at the same time.

So - go stop by the Biblio Buffet - Read some of the hard efforts of the folks over there - and have a great time!

And here's Lauren's new Literary Masterpiece :P :

MaggieZ - The Cover

Maggie is over on the Farm - so I had to think of what I would want to see from a farm - and of course... Animals were the forefront.

I read through her blog - down to the Horse Stomping incident and more! But I laughed the hardest when I read the recently posted story about the chicken who had been raised thinking she was human! So that one stuck in my head as I was making it. So I thought - ok - So Maggie is going to write short stories about life on the farm - and the animals who interact with her (Well, at least in my world, she is... LMAO!)

I came up with this - I hope you find it as charming as I found Maggie to be: