Friday, February 17, 2006

Blue Houses and Bad Couches...


I know...


See where I live sits on a pond. Across the pond there are some houses. I get to stare at them regularly - when I have my cup of tea in the morning - late at night - when I'm sitting at my computer typing away.

(Might I mention, I'm a fast typist - not always perfect, sometimes too fast and therefore what I type is keeping up with my brain matter - making the same darn mistakes that my brain does!)


There is this one house that they started painting. And it's a bright blue. I don't mean a dark blue or a pale blue -- that belongs on a house.... But a BRIGHT blue. The kind that belongs in a super nova or in a blue raspberry super sour candy. Blue like I've never seen before. Not light, not dark, but blue. Ick blue.

Don't get me wrong, I adore blue. I think it is a color that is amazingly versatile. But the line of where blue can be drawn is distinct - and this color blue does not belong on a house. Not even in my wildest dreams. And let me tell you - not even in your wildest dreams.

So perhaps I can get past the color blue that is being painted on this house.

But I cannot get past the dark brown bottom that is still on the house in combination with the blue. They have not finished this project and it is a two-toned house. So here I sit and I think - WOW. Someone please just put me out of my misery if I ever think to do this type of thing to my house.

Keep in mind, I don't live in the projects or barrio. I don't live in a poor neighborhood, by any means. Nothing too super fancy - but middle to upper middle class. And this house... it reminds me of drives as a child - through the middle of Watts - the sights and sounds I saw that showed me horrid awful architecture, colors and just a bunch of rambling, broken down homes.

It's just awful.

It could be the couch set that we just bought, too - that's put me in this mood. *A grumpy, can't find anything right with anything kind of mood*.

We bought a couch/love seat set. And it looks so beautiful. We paid decent cashola for it, and it looked so yummy comfy that I had to have it. I sat on it - I measured it, I loved it!

I get it to the house - and it's beautiful!

I sit in it for a few hours, bringing a table over for my lap top and it's gorgeous - feels good...

Until the next morning. My back is aching. I rearrange the cushions - and learn that the bottom cushions are all of one piece to the couch.

OMG - I call the company we bought it from and they are like - we don't take back large pieces of furniture after 24 hours unless there is a major workmanship defect --- but the cushions don't move... ah well - that was visible at the store... But they will have lumps in them in just a few months (since we're couch potatoes here at the house)... That is not our problem... Ahhh bummer.

So I have this expensive couch set - that is so uncomfortable to spend more than a few hours at... And I had thought it was going to be my "writing" couch. One where I could curl up and just type away on.

Sad to say - nope.

So me and my aching back and hind quarters are back to the formal dining room. And I hate it.

Can we say grumpy?

It's ok - there are a lot of wonderful things going on in my life. My girlfriend is waiting until this year's tryouts for American Idol and I'm taking her. She's got this amazing voice and look and I just think she'll be perfect.

I've written a book - and sent it to an agent.

My hubby is great - my kid is wonderful - if not a little spoiled.

I have my health - minus the aching back and posterior. I have a great puppy dog - who loves us to death. I have life - joys and a lousy couch.

What more could a gal ask for?