Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sick Thoughts and Daughter Writes!

Being sick makes you either totally brain dead ----- or worse, so infused with thoughts and you have absolutely no energy to type it out or get it from brain into readable format.

And it becomes lost.

Right now, I'm at work, and finally, after 3 weeks, my daughter's chest cold has caught me. I thought I had eluded it's grasp, but no... alas... it has me violently within it's clutches.

I was fine this morning. I truly felt that the world was right and life was good. And then somewhere in time, about 2 hours ago, I noticed this dreadful heaviness in my chest and my throat felt uncomfortable and tight and then my head started feeling like it was slowly being filled with saltwater taffy.

The world is starting to be viewed in a slanted way of wishing time would go fast and I could crawl back into bed.

I feel on the edge of illusion. That if I just close my eyes that these waves of uncomfortable chest and head cold will wash over me and away. Far away.

I knew completely that I was ill when I stepped outside, with nary a coat on and didn't feel the cold. It's a dead giveaway when you feel feverish in an Alaskan winter, that something is just not right.

And if I tilt my head to the side, the world tilts, just a few moments afterwards, giving the sense of vertigo. Oh yeah baby, people pay good money for gin and vodka to make them feel this way! Too bad you can't bottle the interesting mind process and perceptions of the world, without the achy, congested, horrible icky feelings combined within.

Now that would sell, I'm telling you.

I may be delirious right now - at least in keeping a coherent thought in my head is impossible - but this - if in pill or liquid form... the mind screw - would sell.

Add a little zippy to it and zap! You've got a selling potion that everyone would buy.

On a funny - very funny side note.

My daughter is 9. She's very, very intelligent. (So all mother's say of their children.) But this is no fooling. The kid knows how to work the internet better than her father or I, and we're both pretty good on it.

Anyhow, she was using my computer non-stop to do all sorts of little kid things - and I was losing out on writing time - and it just was awful - but what can you say to a kid who is only allowed to visit educational online sites with parental/teacher approval?

Not much - because your kid is learning at a phenomenally fast rate - and you can't stop her, because as much as you want to get on the computer - to see her understanding something - and then explain it to you... well... it's worth something that is so priceless a figure can't even be attached.

So last Christmas she asked for a Laptop Computer.

Well, now, I know most parents would laugh it off, but instead we didn't. We actually went out and got her a brand new laptop.

She set it up herself, with very little help from me. She had me show her how to add one game (Zoo Tycon, for those who are wondering), and she then proceeded to add the rest of the new games we got her on her own. I'm telling you, while she isn't a prodigy or anything, she's damn smart.

Anyhoooooo - back to the funny part.

Last night, after hubby and I were getting ready to go to bed, I go peek in on her to see what she is doing. And what do I see?

I see her at her computer.

I go cuddle up next to her to see what she's so intent on... and... there... on the computer...

Zip! Zap! Zang and How to Disappear
by Jaz (Her whole name spelled out)

And about 8 paragraphs to a story that she has painstakenly typed out.

Now - it isn't adult quality material - but for pete's sake - she's just turned 9 years old!

And it was well written, grammatically correct - and it was a real story.

She said she's writing a book.


You go girl!!!! I think to myself.

I encourage her - because, I think to myself - WOW! What if she can do it?

So I shall wait and see what happens - and wouldn't it be hilarious if she got published before me? ROFLMAO!

Life is so funny - especially when you are getting very sick.

Have a GREAT day!

Aaa aaaa choooooo!