Monday, February 13, 2006

Snow and the Views of Life... Snow Musings

Reading another blog - which is fastly becoming quite a habit, I came across a post about the weather in New York.

(Which happens to be experiencing a large, robust storm at the moment. Complete with... you guessed it... Snow!)

Where I live snow is second nature for many months of the year - it is par for the course. Although there truly are no igloos - unless they are having a competition for igloo building or one gets stuck in the arctic, there is no reason for them. Since we all live in houses and do not drive mush dog teams to work.

(Someday I will elaborate on Alaska - however this post is about something else, entirely different - about something that amuses me.)

Sometimes I find things highly amusing.

Like... the snow.

Yes. The snow is amusing.

Perhaps not the snow itself, but the reaction of people regarding the snow.

It varies greatly with each person - and each individual has such a unique outlook on it - that I thought maybe this might be a way to explain how people view "LIFE" in general.

Figure it this way:

  • Some stare at the snow in wide-eyed wonder. Childlike. Amazed that such a wondrous thing could fall from the skies to blanket the earth. They long to play in the snow, build snowmen and skate on the frozen lakes. They can't wait for enough snow to pile up outside so that they can exuberantly make snow angels and build forts within the white wonderland. They stand outside - tongue exposed to catch the tiniest snowflake in order to envelope the snow within and to taste this tiny miracle from above.
  • Some stare at the snow in misery and anguish. Their eyes are seeing a day filled with nothing but traffic snarls and the shoveling of walkways. They hold no joy in watching the flakes fall, but instead think of the heating bills that must be paid. They imagine how long they will be captured inside because they will not be able to go outside since it is too cold and too much of a bother to try and walk or drive in such slippery and annoying stuff.
  • Some watch the snow with an "artiste's" eye. Imagining Kincaid paintings of cozy houses and warm fires. They long to cuddle up to their loved ones - or with a book beside a fireplace. They watch the sparkling streets as they drive, amazed at the beauty of a crystalline world. They drink hot cocoa with tons of marshmallows and equate the falling snowflakes to post cards and holiday cards. They immerse themselves in the feeling of holidays and family dinners and get togethers. They blow warm air on the windows and make designs on them, tracing patterns or letters, or even little hearts.
  • Some take no notice of the change in weather at all, other than to accommodate with the necessary clothing or transportation. They march steadfastly to work, school or whatever daily routine they have going on. Barely noticing the change in temperature or the iciness surrounding them. They ignore the frostbiting temperatures and walk into work prepared to do business just as any other day - expecting everyone else surrounding them to do the same. To them, it matters not if there is snow on the ground or not - it doesn't seem to phase them one way or another.

Interesting I say.

Perhaps seeing the different varieties I have chosen to exemplify the views of snow - you might see yourself - in the way that you view life.

Which one are you?