Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sir Spamalot Strikes... But WHY?

I get this in the email today... Everyone gets these kinds of things but this one... I dunno... This one gave me pause and then made me laugh.

Do You have enough pwoer to provide your patrner high
quality SE-X on St. Valentine day?
Get a MON-STER pwoer, nothing can bring your ererction down!
Show your partner the PWOER of your LOEV and she will always remember You.
Loev will ALWAYS be associated with YOU!
Your order will be PRIVATE, nobody will know what You use.
Follow this link and get SSPECIAL DISSCOOUNT for that period:

So I actually read this. If it can be called reading material.

I think to myself. WHY? And most important of all - WHY ME?

First, it is so badly written that a second grade dropout could have done better.

Second, I uhm... well... uhm... don't... uhm... have... uhm.... a thingamabobber that gets erected... Yeah.. uhm... I mean... Uhm... My hubby does... But I don't own one... on my... uhm... body.

And why would I want MON-STER pwoer? That leaves me imagining evil, creepy, crawling things. And that certainly wouldn't put me in the mood for this so called LOEV that is talked about in this short blurb.

And what in the goodness gracious is Sspecial Discooooooount? Do I really want one? I don't have a thingamabobber and I don't want MON-STER Pwoer and I wouldn't be ready for LOEV to have S-EX and have it all associated with me ------ with HER.

Dude - get spell checker.

And while you're spell checking ask yourself this grand question:

What makes you think that I'm going to click on anything but the delete button? And how did you manage to get through my spam filter...

And why do you bother? You're so wasting my time and yours.

OK. I feel better now.

You want to know something even more funny?

The author of the little ad...


Get this...

Michael Jackson

Have a nice day everyone!