Sunday, February 12, 2006

Why Blog?

I have been playing around with the fonts and font types for this journal.

What an interesting concept - to blog.

Perhaps we should say: To blog or not to blog... that is the question.

Why do people blog? Why am I blogging?

Before I answer that, I must answer the questions that provide the clues for all written materials: Why do people write.

Well silly... To communicate, of course.

We, as humans need to communicate.

Some of us perform communication daily to our friends and family - we tell them verbally what we think, what we've done, how we feel and what our plans are.

In this day and age, families and friends are spread out far and wide - to distant remote areas.

Before the advent of the Internet, we wrote letters or called on the phone. Now that the Internet has become a way of communication, we can produce so much more communication - to share with so many more people, than ever before.

So why do we blog?

We blog so that we can communicate. Whether it be solely to ourselves or to share our thoughts and ideas with others.

Some of us want others to read what we write and say - "Ooooh. I so identify with that person!".

Or we want them to talk back to us in our own personal forum type of blog, where comments are the way to communicate to the reader of the blog. (Even if it is only ourselves reading it.)

I blog, because I need to write. To shape my words into a form of communication, and because I want to network with others of a like mind (writing, reading, introspection, etc.). I would like participation, but I know that at the same time, this blogging - well... it's kind of personal.

I hope that answers your questions.

On a side note, I started blogging after I read a few agent's blogs. (Yes, publishing industry agents.) I liked what I read, and I have placed one of the blogs in my links section.

So if you are into humor or other blogs, might I suggest that you visit this link?

You are sure to be captivated, as was I.