Sunday, February 19, 2006

Thank You for Visiting

I've had a few visitors, and I find it very much an awesome thing to realize that someone stopped by and maybe read a paragraph or two.

While my head is still in some sort of chaotic disorder because of this cold, I don't think I should go off writing - because it comes out looking more like Alice in Wonderland...

And while in my head that is just fine, once it is on paper, I might embarrass myself... Tremendously.

Of course, hey, weren't some fantastic writers very wasted when they wrote? And they now have books that have laid waste to time?


I still think I should figure out a way bottle the head part - but not the cold part. LOL!

OK - going back to bed, sipping my Nyquil snifter and hitting the hay.

OH - and Thank you for coming by and reading - and posting. It makes me feel good, even if I'm totally out of it.