Thursday, February 16, 2006

OK 2 bucks for free What the heck...

I don't trust the credit card companies much any more. I've had a few snafus on my bills and decided I would prefer going to a prepaid card.

I jumped on to this card that they sell at Safeway - you can recharge it there, etc. etc. For all my online purchases...

And they sent me this thingie that gives referrals 2.00 if they use your code when they start up the cards...

So ALL you blog readers of mine (yeah, I'm talking to myself again), if you are interested in a prepaid credit card that you can refill at Stores, etc. It's called NETSPEND...

And here's 2.00 for free. (Whoopie!)

To redeem:
Purchase a card. Visit for a retailer near you.
When activating the All-Access Visa or Netspend Cash Card, enter the code provided and get a $2 credit to your account.
REFERRAL CODE: 3352558858
No credit application. No Bills.*Limit one referral credit per card activation. Credit amount subject to change at any time for any reason. Copyrights NetSpend Corporation 2001-2005.

I will be honest, the card has worked like a charm for me, so I don't feel too bad if anyone actually does use it from reading my blog. It isn't a scam.

So since I'm on the credit card kick - why not blog about it?

Lessee - I'm terrible with credit cards. I have the worst luck around when it comes to people double charging me, not checking the bills to confirm purchases... Scam companies bilking me... And I could go on with the horror stories.

Let's just suffice it to say, I think that some time ago, I realized that if I didn't have the cash, I didn't need it.

I'm very fortunate - I'm not wealthy, but I live comfortably with my family. We don't have everything we want and there are days when the bills are barely making the paycheck to paycheck monthly cycle... But we've been blessed and lucky. We don't have to eat Top Ramen or peanut butter and crackers all day.

We have what we need - and what we don't need is a credit card to spoil that.

And yes - credit cards have spoiled that in the past.

I got charged way more one time by this scam company. Let me tell you this little story... I trust financial institutions... NOT!

See I pay for something - 50.00. OK good, the company gets the approval code. That same 50.00 never gets taken out - and the time lags. Company puts in for another 50.00 and gets code... time lags again... money gets put back on card. Again and again the company does this - getting the approval codes for the purchase... and letting it lag.

You get the service or product. But you think you're only paying 50.00.

Well - lo and behold - the bank calls you and says - You owe them some astronomical amount of money. HUH?

What for?

Excuse me - do you have the right phone number?

Did I purchase XXXXXXXXX for 50.00? Well Certainly I did, why is that a problem?

What is my ISP number? Well - it is ABABABABABABAB



Let me speak to your boss. Now. No. Put the damn phone on hold and get me the manager. You're the manager? What in the world are you talking about? There is no way on EARTH that I owe you XXXXXXXX for one 50.00 purchase.

I bought HOW many?

Pardon me (gasp, water, fainting spell).

And just how am I responsible for this?

Oh because I signed an account paper and had a card - and you can prove the original order came from my computer?

Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me. Hellllllllllllllllloooo. Is there anyone home there? Didn't you just hear me I purchased only ONE - ONE - ONE - ONE thing.

I don't care what that piece of paper you are holding says... It's not right.

Fine. I'll obtain an attorney.

Good.. Good. I'll see you in court!

Needless to say - the attorney cost more than it was worth - I still had to pay the freaking amount because the original purchase was traced to my computer...

Although - me and God (or whatever you believe in) - and the Scamming Company KNOW I only ordered and got ONE of the item.

I think the bank knew too, but not until after the whole process was over. And then they couldn't go back on a policy issue just to refund me.

I may have been one of the first people hit with this scam so it may have looked legit to them. I know in my heart of hearts, it was illegal, wrong and incredibly messed up.

My bills are now paid - but I swear - NEVER AGAIN will I trust a financial institution.

*choice words here being said under my breath*

Alas... So there... That's why I only do prepaid cards now.

And I refuse to use a revolving credit card or one associated with my bank accounts.

And this is why I think that NetSpend's prepaid card is worthy of the mention at all - and hey - if you're going to use it - (my faithful reader - me) then at least pick up the 2.00 for free!


Hey - have a great night... Some days are hilarious - when you look back at them.