Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Recipe... Salmon / Halibut Poppers

So this forum I belong to has a discussion about whether or not fish feel pain.

Being an Alaskan, no matter how transplanted I may be, fishing is kind of a matter of breathing for a lot of people.

I - myself - enjoy fishing with the family... We do a lot of combat fishing here. (Shoulder to shoulder, everyone trying to catch the huge King Salmon that is drifting past, playing Let's Make a Deal - hook number one? Hook number 2?)

I call my kind of fishing, bloodsport fishing. Now don't go feeling pity for the fish. In fact, it isn't the fish that I bloody up... See... it's like this:

I play the "dumb fishing girl". I cast wildy about, catching several guys - one right after the other. This causes them to move quite a ways from me. I'm not sure why, I suppose they do have some sort of life preservation going on... hmmmm...

So finally - after I get a good 20 foot clearance going on - I set my pole - and I usually walk out of there with a fantastic King Salmon or Red Salmon... whistling dixie, as the guys just look mournfully at my catch. I suppose, if they were all looking at me - I'd be flattered... But knowing the Alaskan Male, I know they have only eyes for the fish on my catch line.


Anyway - I get home and the hubby get's to filet the fish... Then I get to cook it.

So sitting here talking about all this stuff on the other forum, I shared a recipe that I made - and got some great feedback. I figured I'd share it here.

Heck it's my blog - and I'll share if I wanna. *g*

Salmon (or Halibut - which is even yummier!) Poppers

  • Pack of premade refrigerated or frozen Lumpia wrappers
(if you're going for a big group get quite a few wrapper packs and sit down and make these - also - I make a ton of them at once and freeze them before cooking them.)

  • Fish cut up into thin strips - or chunks if you prefer.

(strips about 3 inches long, 1/4 inch cubed - chunks about 1/2 inch cubed)

  • Cream Cheese - depending on how many you're going to make but I figure 2 boxes Philly for every set of Lumpia wrappers.

  • Green Chiles - I use the chopped green chiles in a can - 2 small cans per set of Lumpia Wrappers.

  • Salt, Garlic Powder, Pepper

So get your cooking oil going - I use a Frydaddy type of deep fryer, but you can do this in a skillet as well.

In a Lumpia Wrapper - place fish, cream cheese, green chilies, seasonings, roll it according to directions on the wrapper (kind of like a burrito) and then deep fry until crispy golden brown.

Now - some of my friends make them huge and use two wrappers - you'll have to experiment for your own choices.

I sometimes substitute veggies (asparagus is YUM like this) or other seasonings --- or jalapeno's for my husband who likes them.

You can play with the recipe - but trust me, once you do this - you'll be creating all sorts of fun stuff... Add cheddar cheese, add broccoli, add different meats...


Alrighty then - I'm off to bed.

Sweet dreams!