Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Officially I am now a paid writer...

I finally have something to put on my professional credits - I've been paid for some reviews on a gaming site!

I don't know whether 250 - 500 word reviews would account for professional credits, but I shall use them anyway! And the money for them - well - hey, that's just a side trip. Something that won't last forever.

The reviews were dashed off in a competition type of atmosphere and out of quite a few people, 7 reviews of mine were chosen. Can you say "Wow!"? I can.

It's the first time I've been paid for my writing - except for poetry and lyrics, I've made some money (very tiny pocket change... think quarters, dimes and nickels) from selling them to others. At one time I created a write-it-for-you type of poem boutique. I sold about 8 of them. Nice, but not noteworthy.

One of the things that I find most fun to do, is to be told what is wanted - and to create something out of it - especially in a competition format. I am soooooo competitive.

I also enjoy people giving me a series of words that are not related and writing poems out of them that make sense. Seconds baby, seconds - that's all it takes for me to create them. And I have fun doing so.

So if you're up for it and wanna see some funny stuff, toss me about eight or nine words. I'll dilly dally and make a "special" poem for you.

Oh my goodness - I'm a paid professional writer now! It may never see the light of day - but the place paid me for my words. I may never be able to credit the place - but hot damn! I'm in! Like Flynn! (Ya know... ya think Errol minds us using him so many generations later?)

So what are you waiting for?


Let me show you what I'm made of besides just sugar and spice and everything nice.

Give me 8 words.

See the results - LIVE!

No web cam action, but hey - your words, my talent - and Voila! We have a winning prose selection.

Yeah, I know - all of one lonely, bored reader - who accidentally clicked on my blog is going to read this... And they're not going to be bored enough to write me - even if they've managed to read this far.

But that's o.k.. Because some day (at least in my grandiose dreams) some one will actually come and laugh at these ramblings.

Until then,

Have a splendid day!