Friday, February 17, 2006

Visiting other Blogs...

I've been visiting other blogs since I started blogging.

Mostly they are from other writers or agents or someone within the industry of publishing/writing. (As I am trying to become more updated on these topics.)

I find they are varied and interesting. Each person has a different view of what is going on and they all have words of wisdom or questions that need to be answered.

Here is one I found that asked an entirely interesting question:

In this blog, he asked how one knows if they are a good writer.

Except he phrases it as: One thinking they are a good writer and not knowing the truth - with everyone else thinking you are ghastly vs. actually being a good writer.

Something akin, he said, to American Idol participants who think they are good, yet you cringe as they open their mouths to emit some sort of camel mating calls.

I had to expound my thoughts on his site - because I believe that that is what blogs are for - sharing, thinking, expounding...

And while I think you just know - if you are a good writer... I can see his point. What if you "just know" and your knowledge is erred? LOL! Well - I'm sure it happens. But I see books published all of the time, that are less elegant than what I can write...

There are books that are published that are horrid compared to what I can output.

So all in all - the comparison, I believe is what makes one good - that and the readership.

Anyhow - the concept was his - and so if you'd like to read his blog, please, by all means do visit it --- oh singular reader - myself.... Ahh yes Lady M, I think I shall visit there once in awhile.

My question is - do other bloggers really appreciate it if you visit them and participate in their blogs?

Or is it taboo to just jump in and say what's on your mind?

I have a few sites that I've participated in, and I always believed that they were created to share and to talk back and ask questions in...

But what if I am wrong...


Pondering again.