Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'm a Poet... Or is that Poetess... Or shoot - I'm a rhymin' fool...

As another blog (The Wry Writer) pointed out, sometimes titles are oft hard to come by.

I've always been lucky - whether anyone else likes them or not, I like making up titles. Sometimes that is what gets me started. Making up the title first and then creating the whole story idea behind that title. I also like to make up words ahead of time that I am going to use; especially if I am writing poetry.

(Just so you know I write lyrics for a band that I am in, and every once in awhile --- the band sucks, we're garage bound forever --- I like to amuse people by having them give me words and making up songs on the spot, using their words.)

For example uhm... well... alrighty then... Let me imagine a title for a poem...

Hold on... It's gotta be unique, ya know? I'm scratching my head, and probably some other unmentionables... but we won't discuss that here...

Oh darn... There I go again, saying that word - no wait - w r i t i n g "THAT" word. It seems to fall over from my Alaskan dialect, we talk about butts a lot here. Just in case you ever wondered. I'm sure you were wondering...

Well, nevermind that. Back to making up a title... Something unusual... GOT IT!


(Did you see that little flashing light bulb above my head? Oh... you mean it was just my imagination? Sigh... Well darn... I saw it.)

You all know that I'm a recent fan of the Miss Snark blog - right?

(Nod your head up and down if you knew... and if you didn't side to side.)

Well I am. It's a very amusing and informative blog... So let us just imagine these words for a title:

Once Upon a Snark (oh yeah baby, this could get interesting)

Now that the title is out of the way - let me think about words... We know some that absolutely must be in the poem... Gin, blog, writers, advice, agent. Those must be in there...

Let me throw some other fun ones in... Hmmmm... Got it!

Persevere, query, stilleto, horde, wondrous (I gotta use that somewhere...)


Alright - here we go... cracking the knuckles, centering the fingers on the keyboard...

Once Upon a Snark

Once a visiting, I did go -
To learn about things I did not know.

I fell into a wondrous blog -
Whereupon an agent did log.

Thoughts that belong to agentkind -
And keeping writers straight in line.

Biting comments said with a grin -
Tossed back, with a swig of gin.

Laughter ensued, and things were learned -
Watch out writers, you might get burned.

Should you query or should you cry?
I found Miss Snark did not lie.

She didn't hold anything back -
She told you if she thought you did lack.

She also had praise for those who deserved -
The rest of us, she said "persevere".

She gave out hints, to those in need -
And into their minds sent a precious seed.

Go forth and write - the battle scream -
But don't you ever try to query me.

For I'll stomp on it with a stilletto'd heel -
You'll lie there as your senses reel.

But at the end of the day -
You'll thank me, that's what you'll say.

So much advice - upon the board -
It's fantastic to find such a horde.

So now I make it my daily lark -
To go and read - to visit Miss Snark!

Hey now, I hope you weren't expecting Longfellow or any major poet - I told you - I do lyrics for fun! LOL!

Anyhow - welcome to my little moment of insanity. In a strange way, I hope it's contagious!

Lady M