Saturday, February 11, 2006


My solicited query arrived yesterday...


Now I have no idea what will happen. Will I get a quick - thanks, but no thanks?

Or will I get the almost even more dreaded: Please send full MS?

I'm a newbie and I want to scream, I should be spending every single waking moment writing my MS and editing it. I should have everything completed, but not knowing if it is good enough or if it is ready for someone else to read - even though... sigh... I do know it's good enough... Well... It's driving me nuts.

I know I write well - I know I can paint pictures with my words. I don't know how I learned to do it - it just happened.

It's like magic flows through my fingertips and no matter what I am writing about, I can expound it gracefully.

I shall edit the MS again tomorrow at work. That way I can feel it - live it - breath it. And it shall be beautiful. That and a few cups of coffee will get me what? A dollar? Hmmmm....

We shall see.